“Our Love Story ” part 2

Our Love Story
Part 2 by Micheal Ace

It was on a bridge
The car was coming so fast, the driver had lost some controls, maybe because it was a ‘SHE’. I was watching from afar but I couldn’t press the brakes for her.
Al I could do was shout,it was late, the front wheel was already near the edge of the cliff but just before it slipped, she grabbed the pedal and the car halted.
Had the car moved a second more, she would have been dead than hurt.

I ran to the car, opened the driver’s door, I saw her head bending round the steering, I called for rescue, I was actually waiting for people to come around but when i lifted her and saw her face, I hastly carried her on my back, right to my car and straight to the hospital.

But who is she?

It was just a shock, she is fine now. ‘the doctor said.
I was happy because after so much years, i could finally set my eyes on Mary again.
Not dead but Alive

Mary was discharged the following day, i had brought her car for her, you need to see the joy in her heart when she saw me, we chatted and I took her to my house.

It was 10 years after our graduation from Fletch High school, Mary had gone more pretty, charming, sexy and even the way she calls ‘Micheal’ never changed.
I was bathing drenched in a pool of joy until i caught a round shinning golden metal glamouring on her finger,

My countenance changed as i lost some dollars of joy, i couldn’t believe Mary was married.
But then she lifted up the finger, stared at the ring and said, ” I did my introduction months ago and since then, i have not felt even a smile from my proposed husband, he disappeared like the flames of cain’s sacrifice, he went for someone else”

My heart flew off its dorm in gladness but i hid that by throwing some pixels of pity at her,
This was going on momentarily until i found my eyes doing the same thing it did a decade ago, it was fornicating with Mary’s lips.
She caught me and i hid that face in shame but as i lifted it up to ask for forgiveness, i fell in a deeper sin as i got my bulging lips in a sexual duel with Mary’s.

( if you are ways too mindful, then you would have counted that as our second kiss)

Mary and i kicked off a return match of our love life, but this time no referee, line man, no coach throwing dictates beside the pitch and more luckily, no Final whistle.

My fruit was already ripe to be plucked for marriage and my mother had also set up a musical band to sing to my ears her need of a grandchild.
I proposed to Mary and she agreed.

Everybody was happy we finally plan to get Married.

( If you really want us to get married that much, then you can write us the part 3 giving it the tittle “Mary weds Micheal” )


A big appreciation for taking time to read ” Our Love Story” but to those taking the story ways to personal, this is just a FICTIONAL DUET between
MS Loto Mary of Gifted Minds and
Micheal Ace of ACEworld

But if you care to know about our relationship in a factual end, then contact me with a Police Report and your Birth Certificate.

Gifted Minds and ACEworld says THANK YOU

Its now under compilation, the new End of the Year banging story from the author of “OUR LOVE STORY”
MS Loto Mary and
Micheal Ace

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All available for you at



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