ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
10th Dec, 2015

T.J Bach said and I quote

I asked for health that i might do greater things but i was given infirmity that i might to better things

I asked God for strenght that i might achieve but I was made weak that i might learn to obey

I asked for riches that i might be happy but i was given porverty that i might be wise

I asked for power and the praise of all men but i was given weakness to sense my need of God

I asked for all things that i might enjoy life but i was given life that i might enjoy all things

I got nothing i asked for but everything i hoped for
I got nothing i want but everything i need

God often work in ways we cannot see, you just hand things over to him and everything is going to be alright.
This ia for the sad man sitting on the sand pit
Life is sure a short trip so leave everything to God

Message from ACEworld

Its finally out and published
“Our Love Story” part 2 by Micheal Ace

You can read here

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Good morning



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