ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
14 Dec, 2015


I was in the exam hall writing my final exam in Rock Eternal Model college,
A junior in JSS1 was sitting beside me and being the senior, i was taking some rides on him.

He couldn’t adjust, communicate, i was just too harsh on him, then it came to a time i fell in a dilemma, i forgot or let me even say i didn’t know the spelling of ” HIERARCHY ”
What a shameful experience this is, i racked my brain but all to no avail then i realise my time was just being wasted,

Then something happened, i never knew how this boy realise i was in need of the word, maybe he was watching me, then i saw him write it on his script largely

Immediately, my brain came back to its state, its like my RAM was just cleaned up, but i was too ashamed of myself to tell him a ‘thank you’, i welcomed some sence of regret as i knew i never deserve his help, but when i look at him, he gave me a smile and i ended up smiling too.

How i wish i was Nice.

My uncle will always tell me
The best poeple to respect and fear in life are the ones behind because you never know when they will rise past you.

Give respect to everybody especially the ones below your standard because they posses more of the future, be nice to them,
Look at them with love, who knows you might crazily need their help.

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Micheal Ace says THANK YOU, I love you all



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