Apreciation 1

Appreciation 1

2015 will never land in a trash can
Because you held me with your right hand
For you all believe in the blood in my pen
I say thank you all
Thank you God

For my
Over 2300 mutual friends on Facebook
Over 2000 members of ACEworld
Over 500 contacts on my whatsapp
Over 10,000 viewers on my blog
Over 5000 followers on
Twitter, Instagram, google+ and others
Over zillion fans of Micheal Ace
The countless lovers of ACEworld
And all my noble readers

I say Thank you
May God Bless you

I won’t close this door without mentioning few names

Sire Aremu Adams Adebisi
Sire Phunsho Oris
Tukur Loba Ridwan
Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju
Wajiri philomena
Pen Pen Butong
Fawole Immanuel( ACEworld bleeding pen)
Adetayo Stephen( ACEworld council)
Olufunmilayo Matilda
MS Loto Mary(Gifted Minds)
Adeleke Julianah
Jh Poetry
Tolu Impact
Akinosun Damilola(Damade)
Okey Fortune
Oke creamco peter
And you, yes, YOU

I must say that my works have gone a lot viral on the web world with the helps of bloggers, some of them are


Olayiwola Olakunle


Bajelo Aderinola

Okoro Daniel

Micheal Ace

Bleeding pen

Victor Adebayo

A big Kudos

All participants of PoemAttack competition phase 1
All members of ACEworld bleeding pen
All authors at myaceworld blog
All my students
All my heroes and leaders
All of you

I say a gigantic Thank you

Micheal Ace
Your Ace writer
Emperor of ACEworld


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