Wise words from M.A

Daily Quotes
From Micheal Ace
(Your Ace Writer)

Life is good,
even when you don’t have eyes, just open your mind, for with it you can look less but see more.

Food, shelter and clothings are the basic 3 necessities to survive but remember you can survive without living, the only key to living is having a dream.

Its only a snake that is popular for crawling over a rock without an impact, i would believe you are not a snake, so try and make impact.

If no one loves you, then go to the mirror, and kiss yourself, To every problem is an answer, ask Micheal Ace and i will tell you the greatest mathematical equation can be solved by just rubbing it off

Life is a race, run with the others but remember the difference is every lane has it’s own finish line, we don’t head the same way.

Love your father, your mother, your friends, siblings but love yourself first for love is too expensive to give for free.

When you look but can’t see anyone then rush to an eye specialist for there are zillions of people around you, but there is only one that care for you and that is YOU.

When someone slap you, make sure to correct them and treat them a lesson for if you leave them, they will come back for more

Life is cheat, but when it cheats on you, don’t just sit and cry, there will always be a way out, yours is to find.

There is nowhere else to read, see, dream and experience the whole of life than a world called ACEworld.
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