ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
15 Dec 2015

When we see an aged and sad woman gazing hopelessly in front of her shanty stall
We guess…this is a woman with a lot of helpless kids,maybe 20 or nearly less. We stare pitifully,we look at her and unconsciously wish her life shouldn’t be like that.

We portraits the good in us,we say circumstances beyond control made her like that,we say living in poverty would be a blessing to her rather than penury

We often forgets,not all situations are natural,from the vivid look of things,she possibly gave birth to a score of kids,thats a pool of suffering entirely,an amount that will sustain a family of 5 for 3 days will only afford them a single meal

We suppose she is the cause of her plight, life would have been a little conducive for her if the number of souls to be catered for are minute.

Its fun when its been packaged,its tiring when its been managed,its pain when its being delivered.
That the concept of a pregnancy,the span of a baby delivery

All above are never compared to the nurturing of a child,giving birth to three or two with quality and sound upbringing is better than forming an hopeless team of kids with the womb

A pool of multitudes around you doesn’t stop you from feeling lonely,it just prevent you from being alone

Join in making the world a nice place,we don’t need the mass,we need the wise
Remember crowdedness is not required to build a nation,oneness does


Micheal Ace
June 2015

A word is enough for the wise

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