Daily Quotes from Micheal Ace

Daily Quotes
From Micheal Ace
{Your Ace Writer}

Do not try things that are off your ability, if you try to walk on the sea like Jesus did, then am sure by the time devil is pumping water out of you with fire, Jesus himself will tell you Virgin Mary is not your mother.

Nothing is ever too small or too much, what matters is your ability to manage,
If you put some people in charge of Sahara desert, there will sure be shortage of sands in few years to come

Insanity doesn’t begin at the moment you start laughing at a funeral, it starts when you are doing the same thing the same way over and over again expecting different answers.

If you can’t say it, write it. If you can’t write it, draw it, if you can’t draw, sing it, if you can’t sing, put it as lyrics in a rap, and if you still can’t rap it, then keep quiet, its not a must you talk.

If someone tells you the Sky is not your limit without telling you how to reach even the roof of your house, then tell them to SHUT UP. If not they will only keep you dreaming.

#10, #20, #100. #500, #1k ; all these are money, the difference is their value, that means we are also all human, what differs is our value to people.

The more you try to bath for an hunger lion, the more edible you are making yourself between its teeth, don’t try to preach any word to an hungry man unless you need a beating, give him food first.

A wise man said;
Life is a cactus, don’t sit on it: ACCEPTED.
But my point is;
Why sit on life when life itself is standing, why not get up on your feet and RUN?

Being told a prophecy that you will be the next president of First Bank doesn’t mean you will live to see tomorrow, unlike mathematic and physics, nothing in life is constant.

Praying for a dead is like hoping that a pregnant girl is still a virgin,
RIP is just a wish that won’t come true, only the prayers and deeds before death can work.

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