by Damade and Micheal Ace

The lips that spits my vile
I wish you rest when i die
For no man speaks evil of the dead
Tell them this is what i said
{ Ace}

Eyes that cry their tears,
Tell them; mourn but not be depressed,
Don’t they say; the dead that is dead,
Only head for eternal rest?
{ Dame }

Those that dream at the weaves of my words
I wish you miss me when am gone
For no man will write like i do
They can only scribe better than i could.
{ Ace }

My ink is painted in the sky,
Telling you I live and am nearby,
So wipe your tears and merry not cry,
Because, yes am gone but still alive
{ Dame }

And when it finally come to pass
That i only surface behind the curtain
Bake some breads for my pen to last
But don’t disclose i drew my ‘final curtain’
{ Ace}

I might have gone far beyond,
But my spirit in your mist, still abound.
Why shedding your tears?
When I go for eternal rest.
{ Dame}

Now when i am still on earth
But you can’t find me no more
I am just here in need of your heart
So breath for me a little once more.
{ Ace }

Remember, this is a journey for us all,
We will all path to go far beyond all,
Put on your foot wear and gird on,
And prepared when you are being called.
{ Dame }

Micheal Ace
Adeosun Damilola {Damade}


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