A Throne of Filthy Rag

This is a story of a servant who fell in love with a princess,
The king later got to know and furiously he decided to kill the servant, the princess heard of this and fled with the servant to save him from death

When they got to the bush, the servant climbed a tree to pluck fruits in order to quench their hunger, unfortunately he was bitten by a snake and fell, he was groaning helplessly wih the princess, then a girl appeared, she was very beautiful and her name was Angel,
They pleaded for help but she promised to save the servant only if he would marry him. They agreed after much persuasion and he was healed, the three of them set on the journey.

Then they entered a village, the king of this village just died and they were in search of strangers to be made a sacrifice for their gods, then they apprehended them and took them to the palace.
They gave them two options…
Its either the man(servant) answer correctly a 7 sacred questions and become the king or he fails the questions and they all get killed.

The only daughter of the late king loved this servant and she went to tell him the answers in the prison.
This servant was thus able to answer the 7 sacred questions and was made the king.

He married the three women, and they all gve birth to a prince the same day,
Now when the king died, they wanted to choose a new king from the three prince,

Whose son should take over the throne?

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{ This story is an excerpt from “A Throne of Filthy rag” by MS. Loto Mary
Edited by Micheal Ace

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