Are You Wise Enough?

Believe me,
It hurts as i just realised i am not a lexicographer because had i been, i would have been able to dig up a meaner adjective from this clay soil of ‘Grammers’ a word better than ‘Obvious’

And what am i really mused to say?

“Its quite ‘obvious’ no one can be by themselves wiser than the Devil”

So you are not wise enough!

But why do i bother to ask your scorpion why its headed to your feet when i know it thirsts for a sting?

Follow my trend!.

Have you heard about this streams of innovations?
Micro chip?

One web account?

One world currency?

If not, i would beep to your heart a mild alarm to go more viral in the current world.
But if you are, then what do you really think about them?
Have you ever thought about this to be in some sort of relativity to the tripple 6?
I mean the “666′
Well, you might be right, because things will never come our way, it will never come the way we most expected, even the least because the devil is wise, wiser than your philosophy lecturer.

By the time that man in a usual long black coat knocks on the door of the world, by the time he feels it’s ripe for him to take up the governance of the earth with the bloody horns on his head, then he will definitely come in a more deceptive way that even the ones who believe they are ways cordial with God are going to fall unconsciously.

I am unfortunately breaking the news; the man is here,
The devil is right here knocking awaiting the moment of his tyrannic reign.


The biblical prophecy of the “666” marks might not come in scribes
It might come in a more technological forms so


I know you are not wise enough, not that just red blood flowing to your brain will let you.
You are just too natural to be supernatural.

But there is a way out, GOD!!!

Believe me once again
He can make you wise enough,
I mean to know the plot of the devil.

Written by “Your Ace Writer
Micheal Ace

The Christ Hope Ministry