4 those of u dat will start surprising me
wit provisns 4
Christmas, let me inform u dat I don’t
want bournvita this time
around coz it makes me sleep a lot, I prefer milo (Baba Sala)
coz I need a lot of energy, also three
crowns milk nauseates
me, I prefer peak milk (liquid), its works
well for ma body, I
dont want Geisha sardine o, Titus sardine (original brand) is
ok, granulated sugar purges me too, St.
Louis sugar is better,
or better still Honey. then don’t bring
Nasco Cornflakes, I
prefer Kellogs. Others include but not limited to Mango and
Pineapple juice, Fresh fruits, I don’t want
agbalumo o! Cartons
of Malta Guinness, fresh salad from Mr.
Bigg’s (I dont really
like Cooperative salad, it upsets my tummy), 5 crates of fresh
eggs with chicken or beef, Vegetable oil,
Palm oil and bag of
Tomato rice. Pls, don’t bother yourself to
make ‘Ogi’ for me,
Hollandia curstard(5bags) ma wapa fun mi.
Because i usually wont want you to visit
the cold room
because of your health condition, 5 live
chickens will just be
fine. Thank u so much! May Almighty God
continue to bless you as
you honour this little request from ur one
& only friend;) ! One
love! Merry Christmas Remember to add
swiss lace or french lace 10yrd 4 aso odun o. (Of course you
know that am not the
greedy type) Thats why i cherish our
friendship. Season