35 thoughts about aeroplane and Jesus

35 thoughts about Aeroplane and the Church!
Pastor Debo Dairo inspired me on this, these are the thoughts on it!

  1. People will scarcely sleep on the day of flight, but on worship day, they will overslept.
  2. People dream of catching flight, but won’t dream of catching worship flight in Church.
  3. People will go early to Airport, even hours earlier, to avoid any unforeseen delay, but will go to Church very late.
  4. People don’t care to know the name of the Pilot, but are enamored with name of pastors, who is preaching and the ministries.
  5. Air travellers main preoccupation is getting safely to their destination, for many believers, they don’t have the ultimate destination, (heaven) at heart.
  6. Air travellers paid fortunes to travel, but believers scarcely paid good offerings, talkless of tithe; yet want the best of God.
  7. Pilots don’t care why you travel, yet people still travel, but genuine Pastors care for your destination, yet some believers still complain the Pastor is too hard.
  8. Every instruction given by an unseen Captain or co-pilot is complied with immediately; while many believers questions divine instructions given by the co-shepherd.
  9. Movement is minimised inside Aeroplane, but people are restless inside Church.
  10. Passengers can’t disembark at will inside Plane, but believers quit Church at will.
  11. Some flights take up to 9hours, yet people sit still, but believers complained of worship services being too long, when its only 3/4hours.
  12. Passengers remember to call on God in earnest only when the Captain announces their is a problem, many believers will come to prayer meetings/ church when they have problems.
  13. Parents wished children becoming a Pilot, despite the probability of plane crash, believers calls it an anathema to serve God full time despite it honours God and His kingdom!
  14. Passengers prays for the Pilot they don’t know, but don’t pray for the Pastor they know very well.
  15. Passengers speaks well of their flights, telling everyone about the Airline, many believers never speak of what God is doing in their Church.
  16. Despite plane crashes, people are still travelling, but believers will dump Church in totality when a leader failed.
  17. Air crashes will be blamed on technical fault, a believer’s failure will be blamed on the Pastor, his family and the leadership.
  18. When people missed flights, they are sad, when some believers miss worship session, they are not remorseful.
  19. Air passengers traveled with Airlines they booked with, many people going to Church have their name not registered in the Lamb’s book of life, yet they want to make rapture.
  20. Excess luggage is not allowed on board, but many people in Church want to carry excess luggages of sin, depravity of pornography, immorality, etc., yet they don’t want to pay the penalty which the devil, an unmerciful agent will surely collect!
  21. Airlines will conduct thorough luggage check, many will skip Church if announcement is made there will be a thorough checking of handsets and videos! Because of the eye-sore contents.
  22. Airlines passengers make no meaningful friends on flights, some make no meaningful friends in Church who could sharpen their spiritual life, but outside the faith circles.
  23. People put up an act inside plane, well behaved and gentle; believers carry thesame to God’s presence, but inwardly, they are rotten, cruel and violent.
  24. Airlines operators don’t care who you’re travelling with; but a genuine Pastor cares, yet he’s labeled, “not tushed”
  25. Airlines demands all handset switched to Airplane mode; some of God’s children want to “ping” without restraint during worship sessions.
  26. When a passengers exposes someone carrying suspicious materials, everybody will commend his effort; but in Church, if someone tells Pastor of a believer living is sin, some will accuse him/her of gossip.
  27. Airline passengers will expose suspicious fellow immediately; many believers will go home to spread the news to enemies of the gospel.
  28. Airline passengers will give advice to Airline operators, many believers have never given a good suggestion to their Church leadership; yet they complain.
  29. Careless actions are not welcomed on board a plane, some want their stupid and careless actions tolerated in the Church!
  30. Hostess will wake up passengers and they’ll be glad, while Church folks feel insulted and angry if it’s the usher in the Church.
  31. Airlines entertained each passenger with films on long flight, believers want Akpororo’s entertainment within the Church, and it is becoming the latest crowd pulling method.
  32. Airlines gives passengers food and drinks, which people are too glad to eat; while some believers merely tolerate Holy Spirit specially packaged, faith nourishing food, opting for foods meant for babies.
  33. Some dream of owning shares in Airlines company, but have no account with God.
  34. People boasts of flying first class, but always take the back seat in Church.
  35. Airlines flights last few hours, Church flight last for eternity.
    These are signs of spiritual slumber evidenced in lukewarmness, emptiness, non-challant attitudes, coldness, complacency towards the things of God; an acute, should I say, an advanced state of the departure of the Spirit of God.
    The cure is corporate and individual repentance and a heartfelt cry for revival. Then, we shall see our signs again, in Jesus name.
    Choice People Christian Centre.
    ©Archive 2015.

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