Don’t you all read?
That the union of man and woman started as a custom to avoid sexual abnormalities.
Faithfulness then began a ride to extinction when men noticed their partners are not that active in bed, so they decided to taste some fresh sexy chick outside, most of them with certificates from the School of Sex.

This thus became rampant and to legalise the act, some religion reframed it and made it sinless for a man having more than one wife. Some frowned at it though.

What stabs me most is the league being played by women, giving themselves to different men as if the hole between their thighs is a community well.

Gradually, men turned unsatisfied, woman too were tired of being always shot on bed by men so they began as a criminal with homosexuality,
This arose commotions in this acclaimed world of morality, we just couldn’t welcome the sight of a man playing a sexual game with another man, likewise women,
But all doubts were nullified when the act finally gained a back-up as it was legalised in most part of the world. Even though some are still yet to concur.

And now, we have couples of ‘Mr’ and ‘Mr’, women too alowed to dance into unholy matrimony.


We all see and know this, ACCEPTED
But now another game is being introduced, brothers are too stingy to leave their sisters for another man, fathers are tired of bride price as mothers too are fed up with payments.

So now, i have being receiving news of daughters carrying their father’s baby, mother carrying their sons, brothers lusting after sisters and are now set on the race back to the days when a man can marry from his father’s house.

News like;
I am pregnant for my father or brother(as the case may be) and am so much in love with him, please read my story.

Its not strange now when i hear boys talking about the plumpy breast on their sister’s chest, and the big buttocks she carries,
And when spiritual envoys will say,
They will refer to this as signs of the last days, i just await someone to confront me with that saying and i will tell them there are no last days, ever since Jesus ascended to heaven over two milleniums ago, its being called the last days and i will make a scribe on walls for them to always remember my words that The Second coming of Jesus might not be here in the next ten millenniums

So read me frankly,
The day you lie down cold in a white cloth lifeless is your LAST DAY and the second coming of your Christ can only be announced in your obituary.

In few years to come, women won’t need to sacrifice their father’s name for any man because they are born by the same parents,
By that time when there won’t be need for introduction before wedding, by that time fathers will be taking their daughters to the alter, don’t be left astonished, just stand firm on the truth you know and believe in a life free from menacious acts.

The world’s train has been set on a crazy rail, so don’t be baffled by the increase in madness but open your eyes and watch and make sure to be vigilant because of your stand.

An article tittled “The World Today” by Your Ace Writer {Micheal Ace}

Use this as your ‘ACEworld Today’, till tomorrow, i say Good morning and have a blessed day ahead.



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