Our Doctor is dead part 1

Sade was breathing her last, francis who got her pregnant at the age of 16 had left town, her mother was there crying.

It was about 6:30pm, Doctor Adeyemi had left for home, he was just called back for the emergency. No one knows exactly what held him down since its being 1 hour now they’ve called him.

May God safe us from this Computer Age world, or what do we call a 16 years old girl getting pregnant, as if not enough, she still went ahead to commit abortion that now led to complication.
” Nurse lara was lamenting to her fellow receptionist about sade ”
But anyway, i just pray Doctor Adeyemi arrive before she die, because only with that can she be saved.

” Doctor Adeyemi can be called a god, infacts the number of people he has saved with his blessed hands in surgical operations and all others is more than the population of some states, many has crush on him.
Who wouldnt wouldn’t love a young man, single with that profession, high ranked, gifted and famous.
Many rich ladies are ready to pay millions just for him to sleep with them, just for them to bear him a child.
But our doctor is kind of blind to that kind of life. ”

Doctor Adeyemi finally came in his adorable white overall, he headed straight to the theatre and in less than 30 minutes, he was out as he walked back to his office.
Sade was saved, everyone knew she would be since it was Doctor Adeyemi’s work.


It was three days after the operation but still Sade refused to go home,even though she had already been discharged, she still complained of aches which only God and her knows the truth about.

She made it a devotion every morning to ask about Doctor Adeyemi, she would go to his office, chat with him and leave when she thinks its time.
This continued until one day…

Watchout for part 2

This is the long awaited story titled
“Our Doctor is dead”
Written by MS Loto Mary and Micheal Ace

The story is S-cube
Short and

All for your best enjoyment.

Continue the story with us at
Via http://www.myaceworld.wordpress.com


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