26 things you need to do to make your girl happy

There are numerous approaches to fulfill
your young lady dependably and adore you
more than you might suspect however i

simply need to list just 27 which are:
1. Tell her she’s BEAUTIFUL. Not hot or Sexy.
2.Hold her hand, in light of the fact that you
adore her.
3.Leave her voice messages to wake up to.
4. Grapple with her,and let her win.
5. Embrace her from behind.
6. Try not to hang out with your ex when
she’s not around. It murders her inside.
7. In the event that you converse with
another young lady, stroll over to her after
you’re done and kiss her.
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8. Keep in touch with her notes …or call her
fair to say I adore you.
9. Introduce her to your companions, as your
10. Play with her hair.
11.Pick her up, notwithstanding when she
says no.
12. Get upset in the event that she gets
undesirable contact from another person.
13. Make her giggle, in light of the fact that
you want to see her grin.
14. Give her a chance to nod off in your
15. On the off chance that she’s distraught at
you, kiss her, don’t battle back.
16.If you think about her, advise her, or else
she won’t return.
17. Never forget her extraordinary days and
send her cooperative attitude msgs…e.g.
Birthday, e.t.c.
18.Treat her the same with your companions
as when you are separated from everyone
19. Look at her without flinching and give
her your best grin.
20. Hang out with her on the
weekends,because she’s imperative to you
21. Make it a propensity to be purchasing
her exquisite gifts as surprise package at
least one or twice a week.
22. Continuously make it a propensity to be
calling her at any rate thrice in a day with a
specific end goal to keep an eye on her, how
she is faring and how she feels….e.g.Call her
in the morning and ask her how was her
night and that-after, wish her a flawless day
ahead, call her in the afternoon and know
how she feels and call her around evening
time and ask her how her day
was,compliment her and wish her a beautiful
night rest
23. Head toward her working spot at your
relaxation on the off chance that it’s nearby
and in the event that’s only she or with few
individuals. Stay with her for some time and
say decent things in regards to her and let
her grin wildly.
24. Remember her daily in your prayer to
God and appeal to God for her.
25. Continuously compliment her on her
dress &look, and say pleasant things in
regards to her.Make her vibe adored, loved,
loved, valued,secured and exceptionally
welcomed. They all gives her an
extraordinary feeling of having a place.
26. Hold her when conversing with different
women. and regularly advise her the amount
you cherishes her. 27. Kiss her before
different women and make her vibe