“Our Doctor is Dead”

“Our Doctor is dead”

More, more, oh my god!!!!!!!

Weren’t those your sounds when we were having unprotected sex then, now our cat has been lay on back with the stinking baby inside you,
What do we do now?

Sade was breathing her last, francis who got her pregnant at the age of 16 had left town, her mother was there crying.

It was about 6:30pm, Doctor Adeyemi had left for home, he was just called back for the emergency. No one knows exactly what held him down since its being exactly one hour they’ve called him.
Who knows if its the traffic, what else could it be?
‘ No be Nigeria we dey ‘

May God safe us from this Computer Age world, or what do we call a 16 years old girl getting pregnant, as if not enough, she still went ahead to commit abortion that now led to complication.
” Nurse lara was lamenting to her fellow receptionist about sade ”
But anyway, i just pray Doctor Adeyemi arrive before she die, because only with that can she be saved.

” Doctor Adeyemi could be called a god, infacts the number of people he has saved with his blessed hands in surgical operations and all others is more than the population of some states, many has crush on him.
Who wouldn’t love a young man, single with that profession, high ranked, gifted and famous.
Many rich ladies are ready to pay millions just for him to sleep with them and bear him a child.
But our doctor is shortsighted to that kind of life. ”

Doctor Adeyemi finally came in his adorable “it was white” overall, he headed straight to the theatre and in less than 30 minutes, he was out as he walked back to his office.
Sade was saved, everyone knew she would be since it was Doctor Adeyemi’s work.

It was three days after the operation but still Sade refused to go home,even though she had already been discharged, she still complained of aches which only God and her knows the truth about.

She made it a devotion every morning to ask about Doctor Adeyemi, she would go to his office, chat with him and leave when she thinks its time.

This continued until one day,
All nurse were in their usual skimpy gown with their thighs making contact with mens eyes.
Patients looking pale as the custom decreed it, doctors especially the female ones in the bony frowned facial looks.

Time register had been closed to conceal all lies of arrival, its 11:00am but still Dr. Adeyemi was not in office,
A call was pull through to his house but no response, two days went by, Sade couldn’t cope again, she left the hospital with the company of one of the auxiliary nurse to trace Doctor’s house.

And when they reach there, the stinking smell of Doctor’s decaying body kept their hands on their nose despite the wail and cries.

Doctor Adeyemi is Dead.

But who could have killed him?, how could he have died suddenly, when did it actually happen, who is Doctor Adeyemi apart from being a doctor. “?”

All sort of questions were being asked at the 26 years old man funeral, but no one could answer, God also kept mute.
The story has just begun
But not long anymore

Don’t get too tired.
Let finish it once and for all
It was sade taking her pills.
She was still recovering from the shock of the sudden Doctor’s death. Life was making some sences to her again but one night at about 7:30pm, she heard a knock on the door.
It should be the nurse, she calmed herself but when the person entered, she was confused.

The figure was masculine, posture was familiar. All doubts were nullified by a dense shock when she saw Doctor Adeyemi in a designer red suit. She was alarmed, restless, scared but she comported herself after a long time.

She sat calmed beside doctor, chatting with him, she couldn’t explain what came over her as she was beside a man whose body was lay to rest before her eyes,
Doctor wrapped her in his hand, kissed her, she had lost some controls “mentally”, then she fell asleep

Morning came and she was alone again.

This went on for months, she was now transferres to the psychiatrists for close examination as her behaviours are going absurd, “she was running mad”

Doctor came again this night but in a calm mood, Sade was looking at him, he moves closer and dipped his hands in her braless top.
A soft music was played in their memories as the duo got united.

I can’t believe i slept with a dead man, sade exclaimed.

She was downed by all the happenings, seeing a dead man, sleeping with him, behaving sometimes abnormally but something was strange to her.
Ever since the night she had sex with the dead doctor, he had refused to come again.

Months went by, she kept mute about all the situations until she discovered she was pregnant,
Pregnant for a dead man.

Questions were thrown to her about the one responsible, could it be a male nurse, or a cleaner, could she be raped by a stranger “?”

She couldn’t answer, she was ashamed to let out her ordeals,
The nurses and psychiatrist left her, saved her from further persuasion because of her mental state.

But she was enough a question to herself

Sade was staring at her new born baby whose father is a ghost, she still couldn’t reveal the father despite all forces.

And on the night of the day she delivered, she was alone, then Doctor came again.
He smiled but he wasn’t in a fancy cloth again, this time he was in a white robe, looked exactly as a ghost he is,
Sade was scared, she wanted to scream but she couldn’t.

The she was made to listen as doctor said…

Do you remember that afternoon you were in ny office and made a statement that ‘If you don’t marry me alive, you will marry me while am dead’
I am sorry i used that against you, my time on earth was up, i had to die then but i couldn’t leave the world without an heir.
That was why i used you.

Please take care of my son and live a good life, till we meet a day after eternity, BYE.

Sade wept the last drop of her tears,
She saw the woe and misery in an untamed tongue.
She knew had she not made the statement, she would have been free.

Sade stood to peep at the window, she smiled back at the baby, she knew she had to train a child of the dead. Life played a sour melody to her ears.

*******17 years later*************

Sade called on her son whom she named after his father “Adeyemi”
The 17 years old boy ran up to her and she sent him an errand, when the boy came back, he asked his mother his usual question

Mother, who is my father?

Sade answered,
The misery of your birth is best undisclosed but i will give you a word instead.

Which is “Our Doctor Is Dead”


Our doctor is dead truly but had Sade tamed her tongue and prevented it from unnecessary utterances, she would have been freed from a such nefarious fate.

This story might be a fiction but the lesson remains undisputed.

****Tame your Tongue******

Now this is my gift
As today marks the boxing day, make sure you check and balance your words, say the most necessary and keep the others,
Who knows what would become of a word said or wrote.

A big thanks to God for the success and reality of this story “Our Doctor is Dead” written by
MS Loto Mary and
Micheal Ace

The Authors of
Our love story and
A throne of filthy rag.

Merry xmas and a prosperous happy new year in advance.

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