“The Deceased” : A four-man poem

This poem i regard as unique because its the healthy juxtaposition of Four poetry icons whose names are inked at the rear.
A big thanks to the cast who put in their sun and moon for making this work a reality.

” The Deceased ”
( A four-Man poem )

I took a walk by the shores of life, the sands swallow up pebbles, shells by the spent waves; the tides coming in strong or mild form’ takes the sand back with it into the sea yet to storm.

The anguish of our carcasses
Lies in my ballpoint
Your pang and ache caused my nervousness
This coronach makes my fingers lament

Through my ken, I’ve seen a place
Where the acme of tranquility abides
Where our cadavers are transported
Where throe,trauma,spasm and solicitude are halted

and after all said and done; wild, mild and stormy life lived there’s but death sitted at the foot of the shores snuffing off the spent waves either in normal or turbulence’ drowning them in unprecedents.

A loop between thighs
Opened, severing twin ties
Thus arose the advent of birth
Making them raped by death

Fingers buried in my flesh,
Watering them with my tears,
Agony grew within,
Bloody leaves! Sour fruits!

My door has key,
A key for just a hand,
Many hands squeezed this key,
Leaving my door ajar.

Surges in heaven’s toller’s toll
Sour are the droller’s droll
I pay my homage to the deceased
I mean heroes with their deed ceased.


Okey Fortune
Oke Creamco Peter
Akinbode Isreal
Micheal Ace

Stanza 1 by
Okey Fortune and
Oke Creamco Peter

Stanza 2 by
Micheal Ace and
Akinbode isreal

A huge gratitude to God { who celebrated his Son’s birthday just of recent } for making this work a success.
A big appreciation goes to
Sire Phunsho Oris.
The father who told me about “The Reader’s Mind”

Thanks to the poets that contributed and i wish the cyclic ring of conflagrative poetry uniting us will never be shattered.

To our outstanding and ever-unique readers, we say thank you,
God bless you.