I hereby plead for your Vote, Criticism and Comments on this Duel by

Ojo Adewale Iyanda Pora
Adesola Oladoja

THEME: Wilderness

Poet 1
It’s never a beautiful thing
Dancing alone through thick and thorns.
Voices heard from silent jungles
But only the sky seems blue.
Evil spirit came around
This wildness makes me knot.
seas maintained their stagnant stance
I almost become an helpless prey.
No food , no water,
Wild animals,my co-tenants
Should i from them flee?
They are my only source of existence.
Hunters are after my soul
They wanted me in their belly-ghoul.
Whirlwind and scorching sun
Makes me suffered and smile.
Life is a wilderness
Live in wilderness and survive
Then,you will win this life race.

Poet 2
She knows no fertility
Left in futility
Barreness caresses it
Licks its rusty face
Its path as laid
One to tread
The barrack of conquerors
The test of the best
The victory victors must view
To arrive and thrive
The way for the wise
Left for those that will rise
The paradox all run from
Only few can view its future glee
Only those with insights
Will face the frights
The home of frontliners

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