ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
27 Dec 2015

A 16years old boy was very hungry, he walked a little more and saw a mango tree right at the centre of a river, he planned to swim to it so as to pluck but just then his eyes caught the impatient monkey sitting furiously on the same tree.

The boy fell in dilemma and broke to tears but just then an old man appeared and said to him,

” Pick up a stone, throw it at the monkey, in retaliation the monkey will pluck a mango and throw at yoi”

The boy tried it and it worked.
He ate to satisfaction and went back on his path in peace.

There are no problems without solutions.
The only problem we have is attaching a solution to a problem, but unfortunately no two problems are the same
If the change doesn’t come in the reason, it will come on the effect, if not then it will come in the victim.

As i will always say…
“There are no right answers, there are only ones that works for yoi”

The key is study the problem right from its source, study the medium too, seek advice and help from elders, then take actions.

Everything will be alright.

Message from ACEworld

We say a profound wish of Happy Birthday to one of the strong pillars upholding poetry,
He has done what almost all men with the huge to impact in life will hope to do.

Happy Birthday
Sire Kukogbo Iruesiri Samson.

Celebrate yourself as we celebrate you
I mean poetry celebrates you
Your pen celebrates you

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