I’ve met many ladies before you,
In them I put my true love
But they threw my love into trash can,
And never stop itching for my pocket.
Who else can I give my love?
When the angel of love seems not to exist.

I gave them my loyalty
But they threw it away because of money,
I gave them my honesty
But they let it fade away in time,
I gave them my trust
But they let it sink away in their lust,
I gave them my love
But they give me back their faux love.
And I thought within me;
I will never find that angel of love,
Who can save me from all these angel of death?

But when all hope seems varnished, I found you.
In you, I see a very tiny bright light,
A light I want to nurture big,
Fuel it with stick picked from the garden of love,
Making the light shine between us,
And let it brighten my dark path
And glow the darkness in my heart away.

Is that not loyalty I see in your eyes?
Why wouldn’t I like you?
Is that not honesty I see in your soul?
Why wouldn’t I come for you?
Is that not trust I see in your heart?
Why wouldn’t I embrace you?
Is that not godliness I see in your spirit?
Why wouldn’t I treasure you?
When I see true love flows in your blood
Why wouldn’t I accept you?

You are a sweetner that sweetens my bitter heart,
You rain on me mirth and pearl,
Straighten my twisted love path,
And amend my bent heart.
You tame me to be your royal pet of love,
Tell me; what kind of man will see this love,
And let it go beyond his grab?

The seed of your love, you planted in me,
And it grows tall like the height of mount everest,
Because you watered it with rivers of love.
Who can stand at its feet and sight it’s apex?
Or Who can uproot it,
When it is being blessed by heaven?

You healed me from the pain of yesteryears,
Thought me how to love in a godly way
And I sight in your eyes our exquisite tomorrow.
Why wouldn’t I keep loving you,
When you sing your love tune to my ear?
The tune that wipe away my tears of sadness
And give it back tears of joy.

Your song of love you keep playing to my heart,
It kills the song of sorrow in me,
And I keep dancing to its melody,
Repeating its lyrics again and again
Because I forever and ever,
Want to have you as my angel of love.

……….THE END…………

a.k.a DAMADE


©DAMADE – 2015.


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