Differences by Ajayi Ayobami


We met on the night of solstice
When the night was bright although
On the plane high on the horizon
It was love at first sight
I must confess

With little or no much ado
We fell in love
Blinded by our desires to be immortal in love
We shunned reality

Love covers all
Love heals all
Was our slogan during those periods
We were envied by foes
Loved by friends
A day without the other
Is like eternity in hell

Our parents looked atvus anguishly
What will become of them, they said
Nights rolls into months
And days into years
We should tie the knot we concluded

But our parents wouldn’t oblidge
He is from the other side they said
Those who believe in a virgin born
You are from the last prophet of God
Religion of peace
We can’t allow you together, they said

Water and oil can’t miss
Find your type and we will consider
I was heartbroken and despair
We have been stabbed by our differences
Brought back to reality by beliefs

Why has fate decided to rob us of true love?
Why does love have to be about religion?
Can’t love covers it all?
Can’t our differences be multiplied?

Religion is not to be blamed for failed love
Humans are!
Beliefs are not meant to hold for eternity
Culture is!
Love fails when we stop believing in it
I believe in you and I
Despite our differences!

ⓒ2015 Ajayi Ayobami.


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