Differences by Micheal Ace

(Response to Poet Ayobami Ajayi)

If my voice rise above the earth
and all men is quiet aftermath
but what would be of my heart?

When i fall for a maid.
and they tell me its a mistake
Because i am too big to love her sake.

If i have crush on a princess
but my father remind me of my weakness
then that will be our difference

I may look on her with a melted heart
But she won’t be mine till the fall of earth
That is how we live in the dorm of life

But i will speak
that of what value is a fowl’s beak
when a bottled grain it cannot pick

Of what grace is my riches
If my heart in it’s niches
Cannot love and have whoever it wishes

Despite all odds of the world
The sun still shines on us in love
the moon obeys to hide at dawn

Until we learn to love without reason
and we kill the seed of treason
then we will be blessed in all seasons

When we begin to love for who we are
and not because of what we are
then life will be ours till the end of time

When the sun loves the moon
and morning loves the noon
There will be no deference between me and you

(Big salute to poet Ayobami Ajayi for the muse)

Micheal Ace


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