INAMORATA (A Poem by Damade)


Sweet euphonious love rhyme,
To the one I think about all the time,
Sweet harmonious love song,
To the one that keeps our love strong,
A thousand rhymes and a thousand song,
Cannot explain how much for you my love is strong.
A thousand times in a thousand tongues,
My heart keeps singing that love song.


You never left me alone in this lonely world,
Don’t I call you my own world?
The only gold that glitter in my new world,
You seeded in me, your love words,
Planting themselves into the soil of my whole world,
They grow to beautify our new world.
A thousand words in a thousand worlds,
Can’t describe how important you are to me in this world.


You’re a succulent meat in my place of dry bone,
The only inamorata I can always take home,
You never stop making my house a home,
Making me forget not my love tome,
A thousand inamoratas in a thousand homes,
Can’t be compared with my inamorata that bloom my home.


I will always treasure you, my co-love bird,
Like a love between two dove birds,
Habitually staying beside you, not only on our love beds,
But also you on my cheek as my love beard.
A thousand birds in a thousand cages,
Aren’t as special as you, my love bird.


So let dance together to this special song,
That flows out from my enchanted heart strong,
That special melody of our love song,
That keep our heart dancing like a vibrating thong.
A thousand dances and a thousand songs,
My heart will keep dancing and singing that song,
That sweet harmonious love song.

………………THE END……………….

a.k.a DAMADE


©DAMADE – 2015.


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