LAMENTATION by Adeosun Damilola



I wish to write,
Write words on leaf,
And pen like shakespeare
penned the history of poetry,
That will make my name be penned in all the books of history,
But my ink is limited,
Why can’t I pen the un-pennable,
Revealing the misery behind poetry?

I wish to breathe life,
Like any other living thing,
To enjoy the free gift of nature,
But my nostril is choked by the affairs of this life,
Making it hard for me to breathe.
Why can’t I live,
When there flows the rivers of life?

I wish to grow,
Blooming like the mushroom,
After the blessings of deep rain,
And attain the height, higher than the sky,
Like the height of mount everest,
Where I can pull in anybody,
Upright beside my body,
And make life easy for everybody.
But who am I; if not a little nobody,
Growing upward to become somebody?

I wish to smile,
Like a smiley, smiling from the sky.
Painting the whole world with a smile,
But sadness seals my mouth,
With bitterness of life,
Making it much harder for me to smile.
What can I do,
To wear smile on my face like a mask?

I wish to love,
Love Like Romeo and juliet.
To live happily ever after,
But my heart is broken beyond repair,
My juliet exist no more.
Who can mend my broken heart,
And free me from the bondage of red rose?

I wish to turn back the hands of time,
Like a rewound home video cassette,
Not to play back the actions and emotions,
But to correct my past mistakes,
To set myself back on the right track of life.
How can I make up for my past mistake,
When am stuck in the present?

I wish to live long like methuselah,
To see what beauty holds in future,
I’m tied up with 100years,
It will be a miracle to see a few years after.
Why can’t I become an immortal being,
To live beyond the future?

I wish to continue to write this my lamentation,
Like the one written in the bible books,
All my sorrow and griefs of life,
How can I live beyond my limitation,
To see more than my life’s obligation?

…………….THE END……………

a.k.a DAMADE


©DAMADE – 2015.


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