LAMENTATION by Dada Oluwaranti

(A poetic backup to Lamentation by Damade)

I wish to write
Write on the ocean
And sribe on shadows
Pen all the secret of heaven and earth
But my wishes are stronger than my pen would write

I wish to be holy
More than Mary and Jesus
But am being tempted by tempting temptations
Who am I to be holy
When my lustful heart is not lonely

I wish to be precious
To be full of words like the book of lexicons
But the action and emotion of life
Make my page look like a mutilated part

I wish to grow
Grow tall like a stroke of rain
Maybe I will see beyond my pains
And tell my heart the tale of gain
But what could I say
When my eyes are blinded by today

I wish to flip back the page of life
And throw back a stone at the past
To be like a new born baby
Maybe I could feel loved once more
I have to keep going and become stronger
Because no wise man would wish to be younger

I wish to lock my heart
Just like the seal of the seven sacred scrolls
Maybe my heart wouldn’t be broken like egg
But how could it be
When my eyes can’t hold the secret of my heart

I wish to talk
Talk to God about my lamentations
Like moses in the wilderness
And make me a king like David
I just wish he hears me
Because my voice is broken

( big salutes for Mr Demade for the muse …don’t think I can come up with this if not of u…..thanks)

Christ Eagle (Sam Rantimi)


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