Message to all Writers 1

Message to all writers
by Micheal Ace.

Forget those sweet comments now, forget the flattery of all sort. Let face reality

The day you begin to know more than you already know is the day you accept the fact that someone else knows more than you know.
And most especially your readers.

I have met several people in this world that can read up to 18 hours in a day, that’s if the remaining 6 hours is not too much to rest and believe me, most of these people don’t know how to write, they don’t have interest in it at all.

So therefore, it takes extra effort beyond what you know and even above your imaginations to make your way to your reader’s heart.

I don’t dispute the fact that writing is your talent, you just find it easy doing and it doesn’t ache you but get this.

Most times ‘Hard work’ render ‘Talent’ useless if ‘Talent’ don’t work hard.

Poeple with better endowments are breathing in the grave so being able to do something you are not taught is nothing to be freaked about.

I often read works done by penners, especially poetry and i do see stuffs like “I am the god of poetry”, Nobody writes like me”.
Well i can call that a normal self-appraisal but factually it’s wrong because even the tycoons that have started writing before the birth of your mother are still named “Poets”. Ordinary poets.

The higher you rate yourself, the less prowess you become.

Now back to my point, if you ever want to make it, then you will never stop doing it.

I will share with you the muse that triggered me to writing, it’s my self-muse which i respect a lot

“The world is just too complex for a pen to remain idle”

Since you have chosen to be a writer, then do the work, write, impact, even if some spits at it, it doesn’t reduce the value of your piece.


To be continued

Micheal Ace


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