Maybe i’m in love by Micheal Ace

Maybe i’m in love

Maybe i’m a girl
Maybe i’m the lonely queen in need of mummy
Maybe she’s not there
Maybe she’s all in the street when the days are sunny

Maybe i’m a girl
Maybe i need to know really what love is
Maybe not yet
Maybe all i need for now is to face my studies

But just like cloud of flame,
He penetrated my sky and melted the veils
I tried bringing his tracks off trail.
But his voice in my heart wear smiles on my face
Maybe i’m in love

Maybe i’m a lad
Maybe i’m a young man in search of life tricks
Maybe life is hard
Maybe it takes more than skills to score hat-tricks

Maybe i’m a man
Maybe am a free thinker in need of something
Maybe at this time
Maybe i need to know about dreams and what love is

But as butterfly slaps the slips of the air
She flew to my heart and soar over the stairs
I sojourn my fingers right through her hair
And make her to see to my drives and steers
Maybe i’m in love

Maybe i’m in love

Micheal Ace


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