(By Okereke and Mary)

Didn’t you see
The fine tune of love
Blaring from the holes of my flute
Hanging at the corridor of your ears?

Didn’t you feel
The presence of a dark lifeless being
That bares your pitcher with you
When you trek the lonely path
That led to Amadi’s stream?

I, I am the fine tune
That calm your nerves
Outskirts the turbulent chores of the day.
I am the shadow that keep you company
Throughout the loom of the night
And the boom of the day.

I,I am the only son
Of Eze Udom of Udala kingdom
The sacred eyes of the gods
The heir to the throne
The future king of Udala kingdom.

Today, I come
To empty my heart before you
For I nurse your love
From your days in the womb
And I shall nurture it
Till grave pull us apart.

My love is real
And my promises; ‘yea and amen’
Ada, Let the moon and the noon,
The twinkling stars of the firmament,
The throne and gods of Udala kingdom
Be our living witnesses.

The daughter of Mazi Okolo
The heartbeat of Prince Obi,
Here is my love.
Will you marry me?

The only son of Eze Udom,
I’ve not felt this way before
You made me feel like a royal priestess.
I’ve not seen a man like you before
But, could this really be love?

Thrown at the gods is ‘why’
Why am I befuddled?
Joviah the Roman god of love
Are you sleeping?
His advances make me helpless,
with calmness.
Obi the eternal want of all damsels,
The bravest of the brave,
Don’t be as nervous as a mouse.

My soul sings for joy
A rhythm that put to shame,
The greatest singers of our century.
My brain tries to rationalize
And fathom the reasons behind this
But my heart keeps mouthing ‘yes’.

I cry out with a very loud voice
How? how can I be so sure?
How can I be sure it’s me you truly want?
How can I be so sure
I, the daughter of a peasant farmer
Is the one that makes your heart pant?

How can you want me
Whose head is always bowed with shame?
The people’s gossips,
And the venom in their words
Makes me hide in pain.

But the truth is, I cannot say no,
Because as my brain objects;
My heart says YES.
You’ve claimed me with your words
And to you I say YES

I only pray to the gods
That my heart should not be clad
With a raiment of regret
When the night comes.

All right reserved
M.S Loto and Okereke.


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