Life as a Program

Now as in computer programming analysis,
There are basically three sections or stages

I. Declaration section ( declaration of variables)
II. Execution section ( all evaluations and simplifications are done exclusively)
III. The termination section ( you put your program to halt)

So doing some healthy juxtaposition with life, we can have

I. Your birth ( You thus begin to declare what will become of you)
II. The life you live ( You carry out your lifetime actions)
III. Your death. ( your life ends)

Now if life is to be written as a program,

Considering the use of FORMULAR TRANSLATOR (FORTRAN)

It can as well go thus

STAGE 1: Program Header
( I have to assign a name to my program)

Program: Life

( This is the ‘Implicit None’ line, this signifies that i declare all my variables but unfortunately this the problem, i cannot start mentioning all factors of life as they are even more than the number of years the earth has spent in existence.)


( This is a comment line, i have to tell you what my program is all about, where i am headed to, it begins with an exclamation mark i.e we are using FORTRAN)

! Program to define life

( Now let me declare my variables, i have to take up a little sovereign power as the writer so as to declare only the variables i’m approaching, am only dealing with the four major aspect of life: Faith, Peace, Love and Hope)

Real:: Faith, peace, Love, Hope

Now the execution starts, let’s go

Write (,) ‘enter faith’
read (,) faith

( believe me , going scientifically, proofs can dispute the existence of God as none of your Five sence organs could perceive him, but as you cannot perceive the existence of my brain too and still you believe me with Faith, we believe in God too with faith., so without God, there is no Life)

Write (,) ‘ enter peace’
read (,) peace

( Absence of peace leads to death and death is the absence of life, so without peace, there is no life)

Write (,) ‘ enter love’
read (,) love

( we have said that without God, there is no life, and Love is God so without Love , there is no life.)

Write (,) ‘ enter hope’
read (,) hope

( when all is gone, hope can restore, i have seen a dead come back to life at the expence of exercised hope, so hope is life)

Life= faith peace love hope
Write (,) ‘enter Life’
read (, Life

( permit me to stop your breath as we stop the compiler)


( let’s end your life now as we end a computer)


Now compile and run the program and see if it will be successful. Sure it will
Let check your life too if there will be an impact, sure there will

I. Faith
Have faith in God and depend on him
Have faith in people but don’t depend on them
Believe in yourself but don’t be surprised when you fail yourself.

  1. Peace
    Live in peace with men
    Say sorry when you are meant to
    Smile always.
    Believe you can always make flaws so accept corrections, still fight and defend yourself when you are self-justified right.

  2. Love
    Love God
    Love your neighbour ( not compulsorily as yourself because this is reality, it’s most times impossible, some neighbours are worse than animals)
    Love me but erase lust.

  3. Hope
    Have hope in God
    Have hope in men
    Have hope in nonsense as from it comes sense.
    Have hope in yourself.

Now your life is complete
But why do i bring you this far just to explain this,
I just want you to know that even a farmer can explain life with his hoe and the soil,
A writer can define life with his muse and pen

No matter where you find yourself, figure out the portion of life appearance positioned before you and make a simple illustration with it.

This article titled “Life as a program” is written by Micheal Ace, it’s just an approach of marrying profession ( computer programmer) and passion (writing) together.
I hope you learn from this

Micheal Ace


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