Play me the Strings by Micheal Ace

Play me the strings

I know of the injustice in law
Staking justice to fall
I hear of the deplete of ozone
and the misfit in human hormones.
I know of the hopes in ‘Not’
I know of all and some more.

I know of salaries being held hostage
Wages behind jammed metal gates.
I know of my kids i cook stones for
and the troubles i left home for.
The dilemma governing the state of minds
I see them, more clearly this time

But the hope of hoping hope is tomorrow
So i will stay alive till the break of morrow
The depth of this great grave of fears
i’m sorry do not worth my tears
And even if i cry my words on page lines
The sorrows cannot take my life.

The glow of your sun locked under moon
The absence of love on honeymoons
Your precious time delayed by timed time
I know of it, it’s a test of time.
When fallen things fall apart
Do me a favour, stay alive.

And finally before glory become ours
And we begin to tell story of these times
Let have a zillion moment
In this clocking moments
So join me as i call the guitarists
to please ‘play me the string’.

Micheal Ace


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