What can i become? by Micheal Ace

What can i become?

I cannot become a scholar,
Our school is geedily distant.
My head aches at the ring of bells.
someone told me about bad peers
and indeed am scared of them.

I cannot become a writer,
there are many books better in ‘write’
so nobody would care to read mine.
I may never live in luxury,
for most of them don’t make money from it.

I cannot become a pilot,
I grow phobia for heights,
who knows if my plane would crash?.
I was told of demons in the red sea
and how they pull aircrafts to sink.

I cannot become a doctor,
My feet tremble at the sight of blood,
I feel sickened being with a sick.
I may not have enough time for my family
that’s when am finally married.

As a musician, others can still my songs
Lawyers read too much,
Teachers are not well rewarded,
Business personnels often run at loss
Money and fame is all i want
But what can i become?

I humbly request for ‘Poetic Replies’, (responses from great poetic minds), a big thanks i say as i await them.

Micheal Ace


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