My first Message to Ministers of God by Micheal Ace

My First Message to Ministers of God

Even though when it comes to God, i do bury any urge to write about his servants in me so i won’t have my pen hooked between the jaws of some religious extremists.
But today i rise my pen to write, if you think God never sent me to do this, then maybe you need to understand these 3 questions more than others.

MUSE: “Why churches on earth now outnumber the worshippers”

    Maybe i need to ask you this so you can ask yourself because the answer lies in your mind.
    There are differences between SPIRITUAL URGE and SPIRITUAL CALLING.

Someone said…(Name witheld)
“God may call you but may never send you”

As much as my heart wants to believe that, i find myself disputing it,
God calls to give message and the message thus meant to be delivered to someone (someone that is sometimes one’s self),
This course is simple as the above question leads us to another.

    Abraham remains the only person God asked to set on a journey telling him not his destination, and i guess yours won’t be the same.
    So if God make you an encoder, there must be a decoder to recieve his messages.
    Let me bring in some instruments in the communication study of english to highlight my points.

There are considerable factors in communicating, i am just using Four of them.

  1. ENCODER: This is you the ‘sent’. You are a servant of God as you have proclaimed.
  2. MESSAGE: This are the duties God called you for, the instructions and information you are asked to pass.
    3: CHANNEL: This is the means God asked you to use, is it through writing, oral teaching, singing, acting etc.
    4: DECODER: This are then the receivers of God’s message through you, did God send you to the youths, children, the olds, sinners or the already saved to help keep their faith.

Once you can figure these four out, then you can understand the third question.

    I am not God’s mouthpiece, in fact he doesn’t have one so i can’t know if he call you or not. But if you are self-justified called, then what is the order or message,
    This is where most people get things wrong, for instance i was in an area one sunday morning and not to my surprise, the number of churches i could count were almost thirty, all in the small area.

I was forced to ask myself, “why is it that the churches existing on earth outnumbers the worshippers?”.

But i came to realise, 95percent of those church owners were just called as workers (if called at all) either as a TEACHER, PREACHER, EVANGELIST, etc and definitely not as Pastor or church owner.

If God ever call you, then go back and ask him what he exactly want you to do as well as where he wants you to work. There are no BUS STOPs to heaven, as we all know the only way to the Father (God) is through the son (Jesus).

Just as we all work to eat, we should work for God, but that doesn’t make you a church owner, there are aspects you can use, not everybody will stand on an ALTAR or wear COLLAR.
There are no prides in being a Church owner, in facts churches belong to God so know your course.

Written by
Micheal Ace

I am indeed ready to welcome SUGGESTIONS, COMPLAINTS and also CRITIQUES. I will also answer to QUERIES.
So send them to me
Whatsapp/mobile: 08166110313
Facebook: Micheal Ace.



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