Tom and Tina Series

“Tom and Tina” Series

Bell rang
It was 8:00am in Goodies College, students were all up and down streaming the environment.
The principal, Mr. Jacobs was seen coming to the Assembly floor with his usual long wooden stick and his terrorizing look ,on sighting this, all students put themselves in order, all in a snap of a finger.

Tom was found behind the school fence with his friends smoking,
This has always been their hobey every blessed day, upon all suspensions and beatings whenever being caught, it seems impossible for them to quit.

Tina was not in school at all, she was also with other girls kissing and caressing men in an hotel nearby the school.
Tina was in a separate room with Charles, both of them naked and box of cigarette with empty bottles littered the whole place.

Tina was coming back to school, charles refused to bring her in his Range Rover, so she decided to take a walk since the school was just a stone throw.
Unknowing to her that she couldn’t run past the road before the arrival of the oncoming vehicle, Tina was knocked down.
The girl was still breathing so the driver carried her in the back seat, zoomed off to the hospital
Unfortunately when Chief Earnest, Tom and their mother came around to the hospital to see their daughter, she was nowhere to be found.

She had disappeared with the driver.

who stole my money???

Chief Earnest still in mess of his lost daughter is now be stolen from, he was carrying his shorthand gun all around the house in tensed rage.
Who could have stolen from Daddy, if not mummy, Tom asked rhetorically.

Mrs Earnest came to Tom trembling, she said…
“Tom please save me from this, tell your daddy you stole the money”
What if he shoot me?, Tom asked alarmed.
He will never kill his own son, Never!!!, replied Mrs Earnest.

Tom agreed to save his mentally derailed mother and told his dad the false truth.
Immediately chief heard this, he banged the gun on Tom’s head and said in a clear vexed tone…
“Ftom now on, you cease to be my son, i disown you forever!!!”.

After the gallons of tears shed by both mother and son, Tom went inside, packed his cloths, books and packs of cigarette and headed to his aunt’s house.

On his way there, Tom was kidnapped by ritualists searching for bait as sacrifice.
On getting to the shrine, the herbalist immediately rejected Tom on sighting him.
After then, he was dumped in a faraway town just on his own.

On the sandpit where he sat, he thought of his mother, his wicked father, he remembered his lost sister.
He looked around his life and tears flooded his eyes.

12 years Later

12 years later*

The judgement of the hardened criminal named ‘Tom’ has been adjourned after the judge slumped due to ulcer.
Tom and his gangs were led handcuffed and drove away..

Tom thought about how he lived his life to end up as an armed robber, he looked at his gangs and remembered how he met them where he was dumped by the ritualist 12years earlier.

He remembered how they provided him food and shelter, how he finally got exposed to them and how he rose to become their leader.
Life as a thief and killer has always been so Sweet, but the only bitterness remain the awful end.

Tom and his gangs were dragged to behind the bar, the day of the final judgment had come. Tom expected the worst of death sentence but still hoped for the best of Life imprisonment.

And when the new judge assigned to their case came in her long elegant gown, she sat in honour and the first word she spoke lifted tom’s head to see who could possibly have the same voice as Tina.

********It was Tina********

The case was adjourned again deliberately by Tina the judge.
It was the meeting of two lost twin, Tina was profusely weeping in her twin brother’s hand.
Tom told Tina his story from when he took upon himself their mother’s offence and ended up disowned by their father, then how he was kidnapped and being helped by the armed robbers till he became a member and finally their leader.

Tina while crying told her story too, from the moment she was knocked down by the vehicle, she continued…
The driver actually picked me up and drove to the hospital, but before we could get to the hospital, he noticed I wasn’t breathing, he quickly turned another way and straight to the bush, he dropped me there lifeless and ran away.

Night fell, i was unconscious but what i saw next was that i found myself in a rich man’s mansion, i was lying on the bed and was later told the rich man owned the land i was dropped on.
I was curious why the man helped and kept me in his house, it was later i found out his plan.

In a nutshell, i got married to this man and he sponsored my whole education abroad, he made me where i am today.

*****On the Judgement Day*****

This is my Judgement….
” Mr. Tom, the leader of Sunset robbery gangs and his members are found guilty and….
tears rolled down Tina’s eyes as she passed the judgement.
and this court hereby sentence them all to Life imprisonment with Hard Labour!!!”

Tina’s eyes met with Tom’s, Tina’s face were wet with tears but Tom gave a smile and…..

Tom looked around in the prison, he saw no one, he listened but could only hear the echo of his silence.
Tina was home weeping, she could believe she sent her own twin brother to jail, she felt helpless and dejected, at that point she missed her mother, she missed her father, she wished life bring them all back together,
Ever since the day she was knocked down on her way to school, she has not seen or hear from her parents. She had no chest to cry on, even though she lives in luxury, life seems to her like a paradise in hell.

Chief Earnest would breath his last in weeks time, he had been in health of illness for 5years, who knows if he missed his children, Mrs Earnest too was beside him, both of them put on a glance of a tearing heart.

Tina woke one morning and went straight to the living room, she met her husband with other party members deliberating on the issue of election coming up in two weeks time, upon all force put on by the opponents, Engineer James (Tina’s Husband) remain optimistic,
Tine went inside knowing the only chance of getting Tom out of prison is when her husband is successful elected and sworn in as the executive Governor of the state.
She stared at the white bulb above her and made her wishes.

2weeks later

Tom was sitting hopeless on the bare stinking floor of his cell, he was falling asleep when he heard a sharp loud noise, he asked a police passing by the cell what happened and he was told the result of the election is out, in tension he asked who the victor was,
But when he heard the result, tears rolled down his eyes, it wasn’t Engineer James.
He felt all hope was lost, he threw some words at God in dismay, so this is how i will rot in hell, ‘he said to himself’
Who will save me now?, he asked rhetorically,

He gently tore his trouser and weaved it into a rope, he tied it around his neck and help two edges, he knew it was the time to die,
He said one last word “When there is no hope, death becomes a wish”,
But before he could pull the rope to strangle himself, he heard a voice coming near his cell, the voice echoed “Son, there is hope”.

He waited to see who it was and when the person came, it was……


Tom held the edges of the rope, but just before he could pull to strangle himself, he heard a voice said.
“There is hope son”

The new governor decided to give freedom to some prisoners but no one knows if Tom will be included,
Tina got up one morning, she got dressed and left the house, she headed to the government house in order to meet the new governor on the issue of her twin brother.
On getting there, she waited for hours and when she was let in, the first person she saw was Chief Earnest, she cried and ran into her father’s arms.

They both turned playing cats in the presence of the governor, it was then she realised her father was the party chairman, moments of joy sprouted,
Tina went home with her father, but she met her mother in the cold grave outside, she had died.

Mrs Earnest died of illness which could have been a result of a life without her children, Tina wept and wept on the grave,
Chief could not hold his tears too, it was a pity.

Tom help the door of his cell, he looked inside and waved a bye to the terrifying mosquitoes and termites… FREEDOM AT LAST.

Chief Earnest sat next to Tina, both of them impatient, trying to figure out Tom among the graduands, unfortunately they could not see him,
Could he have skipped school after his freedom?
It was just about when Chief Earnest wanted to leave in disappointment, he saw his son being called out as the best graduating student.

He finally became a pilot he dreamt of…

Tom ran to Tina’s arm then both of them in their father’s arm, they smiled and laughed….
But just then Chief said something that calmed their joy,

“How sweet would it have been if your mother is here”…

Mrs Earnest would have muttered from heaven,
“I lived a fulfilled life, a life blessed with Tom and Tina”

The End

Written by Micheal Ace

Watchout for another story from the stable of ACEworld Bleeding Pen and visit our website for unending adventurous moments.



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