in those days

In those days

Do you remember how we laughed?
the day the old witch in our village died,
What about the mocking dance we stepped,
when our wicked king fell inside the well?

Have you forgotten?
How deep and hot i wept that night,
after abake made me drop all my cash,
and all she gave back was a teasing smile.

The valley of death we walked to school,
how the sky viewed itself on our glossy head.
the torn shirts we wore past asake’s house,
just to show off posing our dirty elegance.

That day mama’s caning made us eat sands,
after we played pranks on an elder.
Have you forgotten those days?
that our best play time was when it rains.

In those days when we were free,
Free indeed under a confined freedom.
I will never forget that love letter i wrote,
and the painful strikes when papa found out.

Have you forgotten so soon?
the stories we promised we would tell,
and the ones we said we would sell.
when we later find ourself amongst men.

Watchout for the “Live Performance” of “Tale of buried treasure” and “The raped virgin” by Micheal Ace @ #meandmystudent annual show in IB.City by ChrisDaLecturer on the 31st of Jan, 2016.

Micheal Ace


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