whatever you believe

Whatever you believe…

For instance, someone asked me…
Micheal, do you know the days of creation and rest are more than seven?

I replied…
Really?, so creation took God more than seven days, wow that’s nice, thank God.

He stared with a harsh countenance but i continued…

The issue of heaven or no hell, God or no Jesus has gone beyond the line of arguments. Ask a drunkard and he will show you verses in the bible that supports the drinking of wines and alcohols.

So whatever you believe are yours and what i believe are mine, suppose beliefs are not contrary, there won’t be options of choice.
You can be a catholic member, he might be a Jehovah witness and i a redeemer, i don’t have to lure you to my beliefs,likewise you don’t have too.

This is the point,
Neither you nor your grandfather was there during creation so we all act on things we hear and those we know, we call that FAITH.
Mathew said Jesus was kissed by Judas as a sign but John wrote otherwise as he never made mention of Kiss at all. Those were proofs of diversity in beliefs. (Check Mathew 26 vs 47) in contrast to (John 18 vs 1). But still the bible remain one.

So hold your beliefs while i hold mine, don’t judge me as i won’t judge you.
If you don’t mind a proof, check Jesus’ words out in John 12 vs 47.

An article
Written by Micheal Ace



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