Hell Is Fake compiled series by Micheal Ace

Hell is Fake

Episode 1

Dressed in a torn dirty top and short, beards long and clustered with maggots playing fronts and backs, he was stinkingly covered with mucus, he was disgusting.
It was obvious he was one of the new dropped lunatics in town since he was still roaming aimlessly trying to figure out the ins and outs,

People that passed him although had their nose covered but they could hear him mutter something…

“Hell is Fake”

He was repeatedly murmuring and that was his utterance, people were left astonished as they could not fathom the reason fot his strange statement.
Everybody was suddenly startled when they saw him brought out a bible, he opened a page and read thus…

“And the devil, the beasts, the false prophets and the men of evil were cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, and they are tormented day and night.”

After reading this verse, he laughed mockingly and shouted roaring like a shot lion “Hell is Fake”.

People took courage to come closer but he forced up in aggression against them and they all fled into thin air.
Then when night fell, some huge men were sent to where he lay to see if any clue about him could be found, when they got there, he was asleep, so they picked up his polythene bag, they digged in and met a broken framed picture of a young girl and her mother, and every other thing there were as useful as useless.

Early the following morning, he got up channeling the whole area for a suitable base,
After a little walk, he sat beside one lady staring at her, but immediately she saw him, she stood up in fear.
This man beckon to her to come nearer and she did reluctantly, he then ask her a question, “Do you believe in hell”, the girl replied yes. Then he said, “Maybe if i tell you the story of my life, you will know hell is fake”

The lady quickly quest for a pen and made a walk with this strange man, the man then start telling his story…

I was a great man of God, many sick got healed by God through me, many blind saw, lame walked, miracles happened through me and i was always respected among all ministers.
Just until this day the church council appointed a new secretary to my office, she appeared innocent and i accepted her as a daughter.

But one day, this lady came to my office to submit some files and i was busy treating some documents when she called my attention, immediately i looked up, i met this girl naked, she had deliberately stripped herself.
it was then i realise being a pastor doesn’t change you from human, i got aroused and in short, i slept with her.

I began being predated upon by adultery, my life changed, i knew i was deserted by the Holy spirit but still i managed myself on the altar,
My menacious adventure started when i started an affair with the choir mistress, and in a tick of time, i had slept with almost all the female members in the church.

Unfortunately for me, i got caught and then i was sacked, even despite my pleas, the church could not spare me, i…

Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!
Glory’s mother called from afar and the girl quickly dropped her pen and paper to answer her mother, but when she came back, she met only her writing tools, the strange man is gone,
She looked around but she went home sad still hoping to see him some other day.

Episode 2

Glory was out reading what she wrote earlier in the day, she thought about the man and was curious to know how his life ended in such manner.

She was falling asleep when she felt a pat on her shoulder, it was the strange man, he began… “Hell is Fake”

Immediately, Glory picked her pen again and continued to write…

I let in my hands a handful of our church’s sand vowing to never return,
I started living from my wife’s hand to my mouth, i was jobless, i lost my values. Every my 12years old daughter knew something was lost in me.

3years later, i came about a man, he was into witchcrafts and he introduced me to a cult group, after lengths of persuasions, i concur and i was initiated,
Life became honey to me until one day…

Glory went inside to answer her mother’s call, she actually forgot to do a chore she ought to, after the rebukes, she quickly finish what she was asked to do and ran back outside,
She thought the strange man would have left but to her disappointment, she met him still sitting and he continued…

Every happiness in my life reached their finish line the day i was told to bring my daughter as sacrifice. On hearing that, i went into grave silence and the next thing i know i said what an excuse to exit the group.
I was mocked and released, i remember their threat that i would run mad but i could not let go of my only child, i got home and since nothing happened, i thought all were superstitions, but i had a nightmare…

I saw myself before an altar, i saw a book tagged ‘Life’, i opened and i saw names, i searched but could not find mine, still deluded in mystery, i saw the dead wicked witch in our village in golden attire, i saw our late wicked king in fortune, i saw people i judged to have been evil in glowing abodes,

Then i retorted, if these people happen to be like this, then Hell is Fake.
I made a turn around and i woke to life, but then this madness started as it comes at intervals, i never know how it happened but i found myself in a bush when i regained my sense but it was too late, i had lost the way home, all i found with me is my bible and the picture of my wife and daughter.
I have since then been a lunatic wanderer.

Glory was lost in writing that she did not notice that this man was gone again.
She realised later and suspended herself to a deep thought on the nightmare this man had. She said rhetorically “Could hell be fake?”

That night, Glory, the writer, had a dream too

Episode 3

Glory had a dream that night,
She saw herself being thrown down a pit-like alley, she was yelling for help but no one seems around, the darkness was enough more darker that any darkness she had ever felt.

As she was going down, she was feeling hotter and faints of wails were getting louder to her ears, but before she could fall inside a cave hole, she woke!!!

Glory was sweating and her body was like that of pig drenched in water for days, wet and sticky.
She managed to get up and check the time, it was 2am.
What she saw, she wanted to write but she was still in strange shock so she lay resting her head on the pillow.

Then she slept again….

She met herself on a rope-like road, a road even too tiny for a fowl to stand firm.
She felt thick and robust flames smoking her feet, she could still see nothing clearly but herself being tormented in escape quest.

Unfortunately for Glory, she could not maintain her hard earned balance stand again and and she fell. as she was about to enter a similar cave-hole, she woke!!!.

This time, sleep wasn’t something of pleasure to her again but a sojourn of torment,
She sat back on her bed trembling and tears found their way to flood her eyes, he could not call anybody, it was just 3am.

She remained silent, she then thought of what could have caused this fate of hers, meeting with a strange lunatic, experiencing nightmares.
All is well she said and kept mute…

She fell, she was going down about to reach the cave-hole, she was expecting another break in transmission but this time things won’t happen her way.
She fell into this cave and she saw naked men and women in gnashing of teeth and loud wailing. She was still in dilemma of the rate at which people suffer, but then she was hijacked by an unseen man.

The man dragged her around the place and as she was about to be thrown into this firing lake, she felt her mother’s hand tapping her and she woke again.

“What the hell happened, why all this sweats?”, her mother asked!!!
She knew her mother was already suspecting things as she is used to so she bluntly shut her mother denying the possibility of any problem…

It was 11:45pm at Glory’s school, students rushed out as the break-bell was rang.
Everyone left the class to play and eat but Glory was sitting mute and alarmed on the issue she experienced the night before.

She couldn’t get enough of herself being simplified yet when she heard the word “Hell is Fake” said behind her. When she turned, it was this Strange man.
After much ado of chats, this man left roaring his usual words, but something seems different, Glory had began to lay much emphasis on his word “Hell is Fake”, she promised herself to demand an explanation as she unconsciously found it related to her dreams in somewhat way.

It was the last period before the end of the day at school, Mr. Mathew entered in his usual condemning look, he was holding his bible and Christian Religion Study textbook.
He neglected the Standing Ovation given to him by the student and turned dead hear to their customized welcome greetings.

He picked his red marker and wrote on the white board…
“The principle of Hell Fire”

Glory adjusted her sit as she was involuntarily interested and the teacher continued…

Epidode 4

The principle of hell fire is our topic today, Mr Matthew said.
Now who can tell me of their brief knowledge about hell?.

“Hell fire according to the bible is defined as a lake burning with sulphur and brimstone and this is an eternal place prepared for the condemned sinners on the judgement day”,

Josha answered beautifully that the frowning teacher smiled and ordered an applause for him.

Open your bible if you have to Revelation 20 vs 10 , it says…

“And the devil, the beast, the false prophets and the men of evil were cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, and they are tormented day and night.”

Open again to Revelation 20 vs 15, it reads

” And the sinners whose names were not found in the book of life shall be cast into the lake of hell fire”.

Mr Mathew continued…
The hell was said to be found in the core of the earth by some drillers, that may site a suspicion that the end time is near, and also that hell is real,well that’s according to science, but the hell in it’s whole meaning has been clarified above.
Any question?

Glory stood curiously and said…
But sire “I think hell is fake”

Mr Mathew adjusted his beltless pant trouser in readiness for the unexpected attack, the whole class turned towards her side in surprise but she was too bold to be intimidated.

Explain yourself, Mr Mathew said to her in an expectant countenance.

Sir, i met a strange man recently who told me about his experience and affirmed the existence of hell to be…..

Cut it right there and meet me in my office, don’t confuse the class,
Mr Mathew said and he walked away.

I met this man just of recent, he talked about his life and told me of his dream about heaven, he said he saw the wicked and evil doers in his village in crown at heaven, and he was sure that if possible these people made it there, then hell should be fake.

After she paused, Mr Mathew stared at the roof as if the words to be said were there, he thought about it himself and before he could say a word, Glory continued…

And sire, i also had a dream last night, i met myself in a place that with your explanation and scriptures we read in class, i can decide it’s hell fire,
I saw people naked but i could see not their faces, they were as many as ten folds of the earth’s population, i think i really saw hell fire.
But sir, i’m confused, i was told hell is fake but i witnessed it with my very eyes.
Is there any solution to my riddle?.

Mr Mathew was drowned in a deeper dilemma, he was trying to figure out the response to give when he caught the time and saw it was already time to close and pick his son from school.
He said to Glory, “I understand your point but let’s leave things till tomorrow, come back tomorrow and we will clarify things.
Glory left relieved but still unsatisfied.

At night, Glory was sitting outside in anticipation for the answer she was to receive the following morning, just then this Strange man appeared again.
She welcomed him but he was mute, she tried to bring matters up but this man will not say a word,
Suddenly he stood, he handed out his bible and the picture of his family to her and she collected it, he turned back and ran away,
Glory called and called but he will never turn back, he left his bible and picture and went away.

Mr Matthew on the issue was sitting on the sofa trying to figure out what really could be the reality, he had not done much of thinking when he slept off, then he had a dream too…

Final episode.

He had a dream too….
Mr Mathew was walking up a hill, maybe he was too scared to fathom where exactly he is, he kept walking till he reached an alley.
He continued on that narrow path in his white stainless gown, but then he reached a view of a world ahead, the afar picture was so big and beautiful that he started running to enter,
This is way too better than earth he muttered, grinning.

Someone said as Mr Matthew was about to enter the gate.
Please let me enter, he pleaded. But the security responded with a question, ‘Where is your GRACE?’
He was dumb folded but before he could ask what the security meant, he was dragged out and then he woke.

Ko ko ko, Glory knocked,
She entered and greeted Mr Mathew who offered her a sit. ‘You have come for your answer?’ He asked smiling.
Yes sire, Glory responded.

I have the answer so be relaxed, i had a dream that explained all to me, but before i explain, where is that strange man you called lunatic.
Glory sighed and told her teacher she doesn’t know his whereabout.

Quite disappointed, Mr Mathew replied…
“I’m sorry Glory, until you find this man, then this puzzle of yours will remain unsolved, Find him and bring him to me, no matter how long it take you, You must find him”!!!

15 years later

Now we want to recognise the First Timers in the house of the lord…
If this is your First time in this church, please signify…
Glory stood up with her husband and two kids, they have been invited to this church as they were new in the state she was transferred to.

As the church secretary finished her welcome address on the altar, she humbly called on the General Overseer of the ministry and he stepped up in a glowing grey suit.


Glory could not take another breath then she collapsed, after much ado and first aid, she was taking to the mission house.

How did it happen back then?, it was 15years ago, what really happened?, Glory asked as she handed him his bible and picture.

The man wept and said…
” I left the town that day i gave you this pictures and i met some missionaries on my way, In short, i was cured and made well and now i have received back my stand to pilot a church”

What about your wife and daughter, Glory asked?, before she finished, they both walked inside and a lot of introduction set in, Glory introduced her family too.

It is all settled now, bishop said but Glory shaked her head to disapprove, we still need to settle one more thing…The issue of HELL

How i wish Mr Matthew is still alive, the principal said.

Glory had gone back to her secondary school with the strange lunatic who became a bishop to find Mr Matthew for the promised solution of her puzzle about hell. But the man had died.

The principal took them to his grave and told them how he died of cancer a decade ago,
Glory wept till her eyes gulped out of its socket bloody red, and as they were about to leave the graveyard, the principal handed her a letter and said..
Mr Matthew asked me to give you this!

Glory opened the letter and it read thus…
“Though i could not live long enough to spit those answers to your face but i hope your find them in this letter.
The strange lunatic’s dream explained the point that only those with GRACE can enter the kingdom of God,
Righteousness makes it not, because he saw those he judged to be sinners in heaven and that is a measure of GRACE they received but nevertheless, HELL IS REAL.
You dreamt of hell and that is true,
Heaven is a place for those who pleades for mercy at all times and are lucky to acquire GRACE.
Hell are for the condemned and unlucky ones.

Heaven and Hell are real

But We can all make it to Heaven and make Hell fake in our eternal days by begging for MERCY at all times and being lucky enough to have the GRACE which is the pass to enter the gate of heaven”

Glory looked at the bishop and smiled, NOW I FOUND THE ANSWER.
Bishop replied, I FOUND OUT TOO, HELL is real but it can be made fake in our eternal days only with measures of GRACE.

The title of my sermon today is…
Glory was among the members smiling as she looked gracefully at bishop preaching.
My sermon today is titled “Hell is Fake’

All members except Glory were eager to hear him out just as you were eager to read this story…

Remember this Quote always

‘Hell is real but you can make it fake in your eternal days by measures of grace earned by mercy”_Micheal Ace.

Thanks for reading the story series, the links to read the compiled version will be sent later…
Watchout for another work from Micheal Ace [Your Ace Writer]

Dare Omoloye ‘Dray’ from Lautech
Ilesanmi David ‘KindDavid’ from The polytechnic, Ibadan
Sire Phunsho Oris from Illinois, United state of America.

Written by Micheal Ace

For any special appreciation on this series or support, please contact me on…
Whatsapp: 08166110313
Mobile: 08166110313/ 08102975318
Email: poetmichealace@gmail.com

Nothing is ever too small!!!



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