The funny bride

The funny bride

She was queened in golden white,
Her smiles inscribed in silvery stripes
She snatched her hands from her father’s
and made a run in quest of my arms
But then she slipped off her heels so high
She was such a funny bride

We took oat on the sacred alter,
I could read my lips on her blushing smiles
I flipped off her veils and on i sang
I have found myself a cheerleader
But then she pulled off her shoes to dance
She was such a funny bride

It was dark on our wedding night
My wife painted the bed with red flowers
I drew close but she lay lifeless now
But just before i began to wail aftermath
She smiled mockingly and opened her eyes
She was such a funny bride

It was morning with the sky so bright
Fourteenth of February was written on sky
I called my love to bless her heart
And she told me of those dreams she had
That day sealed my love as i proposed to her
But she remains a funny bride.


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