Nowadays, buying girls recharge cards won’t do you no good than waste your money, things are now better with internet call like Skype, etc.

Now, if you are finding it hard or money consuming to get yourself that cute loving girl…



Monday: Be a Gentleman

Many people dread Mondays because it is
perhaps the busiest day of the week. Be a
gentleman on Monday and focus on your
job! You can check on her by calling her.

Tuesday-First Impression matters

First impression matters. It is this prior
perception that will determine how remote
you will go with the lady. It determines
whether you will get her to commit to
going out with you! Get your swag on. Read
Shakespeare, James Hadley Chase, and
borrow lines from Maya Angelou’s Touched
by an Angel. She will be wowed!

Wednesday: Pause

It is time to give her a break. Do not call
her, do not text and do not think about
her. Let her miss you! It is difficult, but
you will do yourself a whole lot of good if
you are able to pull it off.. This break will
stop her from taking you for granted or
thinking that you cannot do or live without

Thursday: Buy her a priceless gift

In a relationship, there is no way you will
not spend money. However, you have to
smart with spending on a woman who is
yet to yield to your advances. She may be
showing signs of being interested but at
the end you are ‘On Your On’ (OYO)! But if
you really like her, buy her a thoughtful
gift. A below-the-line gift. That is a gift
that reminds her of you anytime she sees
it! You can go wild by buying her lingeries!
There are many affordable stalls around
Lagos where you can buy thoughtful gifts!!
Do not spend more 3k.
Inline images 2

Friday: Take her to watch a movie!

Ladies are the biggest pretenders in this
world. Quote me anywhere! Abi na lie? I
do not want this. I do not like it…story! As
earlier said, politely get her to commit
herself to going out with you. Do not
ambush her with the movie stuff. You can
Skype her, humbly requesting that you
want to take her to the movies. Imagine an
evening at the cinema with a girl you have
been fantasizing about. If she likes you she
will give you a positive answer. It is 3k for
both of you and do not forget to buy
Popcorn! At the end of the movie, invite
her to your house.


At your house
Her first visit to your house is not an
opportunity to have S3x. Both of you can do
that in subsequent meetiings. Of course,
S3x is an important feature in every
relationship. But it shouldn’t be hinged on
that. The visit is for to know each other. If
you can cook, please show off your cooking
skills. Some ladies said they love men that
have cooking skills. Impress her with it. At
the end of the evening, she will be very
fond of you and wouldn’t feel like going
home. Importantly, make sure you drop at
her doorstep or give her cab money!
Sunday: Worship at her Church
Men can do anything just to get a girl. One
of those things is worshing at her church.
She will be surprised. She may probably
forget that she is in church and hug you!
Congratulations! She is your girlfriend! But
do not assume, ask her.

Do not waste money on recharge cards
In the African setting, men are expected to
make all the moves including calling the
woman. But, some ladies should be
awarded a masters degree for flashing as
they will never call their partner!
But do not worry, technology has changed
everything. Skype is the way to go! It is the
cheapest means to make internet calls. Ask
her if she is on skype, collect her ID and
make it a point of duty to only call her on it
while chatting with her using instant
messaging. There is no need to buy
recharge card to call or send her text
messages. In fact, you can go old skool by
writing her a love letter!

Do you think this is actually possible?
Please drop your comments.


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