By:0ki Kehinde Julius

when rain comes
lazy monsters quickly get married to their idle
lying straight cuddling the blanket
enjoying pleasure groaning in silence
romancing and teasing the pellow pillow
praying the rain manhood never reach orgasm
when rain comes
basket start to plant the seed of envy
for pot to harvest bountifully
from its fallow fertile soil of jealousy
in regards to its perforated worn out body
that cant throw spanner to the wheel of
when rain comes
umbrella start to dance gorgeously
to the percution and tune of the wind
for her sparkled glory which is about to glitter
after the solar king had been caught down by
death cold hand
and flooded from the sky by the rain flue
when rain comes
arrogant thunder comes out to boast its
mystical power
Massacring the cloud skin with its double
headed axe
scaring the earthmosphere with its sparkling
blinking lightning
beating the fiery sky to wail and cry the cries
of storm
living the sky eyeball to shed the tears of
when rain comes
rotten roof begins to clap out sweet melodies
without hand
like the cry and wail of an ogele
whose pearled head is been flogged and hitted
with a prism stick
when rain comes
heat and sweat enjoy the hot lashes of
sacrificing themselves for the solace and
comfort of man
quenching the fierce that burns on the skin
that had been set ablazed
we want this rain to spring
springing on the forehead of the looters of our
father’s land
for there is no more that powerful umbrella in
the aso shrine
that will veil their rhomboid head from every
strike the rain cane will strike.
Let this rain come
to wash away the footprints of horror and
hostility on our soil
let this rain flow
to flood away the refuses and dirts insurgency
had decomposed on our land.
for our hope will only survive
through the breathe
the cloud nose will fume out
when the rain comes.

Poet Oki Kehinde Julius is a Renowned and a
Prolific writer who hails
from Okitipupa, in Ondo-state Nigeria.He is currently an undergraduate
engineering student and a brother to Jesus.
Okilux, by poetic name is a spoken words
artist who has won laurel in
both spoken slam and page poetry. He won
POET OF THE YEAR 2015” from “Paragon
Poetry Contest”. He was inducted
in 2015 into the “Communty Of Thought And
Society” and He was awarded
the position of Writer1 in the League. His
poem” Africans Are Not
Black” won the february edition of Chrysolites
Bi-monthly poetry
His work had featured in both local, national
and international
Magazine. He was shortlisted among the Top
30 page Poet that rocks
2015 by BLACK PRIDE MAGAZINE. He was also
nominated by TUCKS MAGAZINE,
among the 168 Writers in the world that rocks
2015 with poetry, Article and
fictional story.
He is currently holding the position of
Writer1/Media Officer at
Facebook-Oki Kehinde Julius.
Email-okikehinde@gmail.com .


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