It’s simple, really. A healthy relationship
doesn’t draw inspiration from or make
comparison to other “fantasy
relationships”. The key to becoming a
happy couple is to create your own fairy
tale. What it takes is dedicating your
time and emotions to each other, and
putting in a little extra work every now
and then.

When you communicate, you build a
stronger bond with your partner. Talk
about things that bother you as well as
the things that make you happy. If
there’s something you don’t understand
be sure to let your partner now and
avoid misunderstandings. You can have
conversations about nothing in
particular, and plan your future together
as well. However, don’t make the
mistake of nagging and then saying you
were trying to communicate. There are
much better ways to communicate your
feelings than being a nag and pouring
negativity into your relationship.

Build A Common Interest
While you don’t have to do EVERYTHING
with your partner, it helps to have one or
two common interests. A sign of a
healthy relationship is enjoying
spending time together, and the best way
to enjoy doing something together is
when you’re both interested in that
particular activity. If you don’t have one
presently, fret not. Try out a couple of
crafts and hobbies together until you
find the one you enjoy working on the
Always Make ‘Us Time’
Life can get really busy sometimes, and
we barely even have time for ourselves.
But one of the craft highlights of being a
happy couple is making time to be with
one another. We believe you make time
for the things that are important to you –
like your relationship. You can have a
lunch break every other day if one or
both of you happens to be a working
professional. On weekends, you can have
mini vacations and just go away, or have
a picnic, or just stay home with some
popcorn and Netflix.

Cuddles Often – It Feels Great
Sometimes, lying in bed with your lover
and just cuddling can be even more
intimate than sex. Research has shown
that happy couples in healthy
relationships often happen as a result of
smelling each other while cuddling.
How? The way your partner smells over
time will begin to have a comforting and
soothing effect on you.
Say “I Love You” Everyday
Even if you’ve been together long enough
for your partner to know you love him/
her, you should still say it every single
day. You can write it in notes and leave
somewhere for him/her to find, or you
can say it in sign language. You can even
have your own cheesy “I love you” sign
that only both of you know and use. You
should both be reminded of how you feel
about each other every day. Let those
words be the first thing in the morning,
and the last before you go to sleep.

Have A Sense of Humor
People on twitter often joke that a funny
man will steal a woman’s heart. This is
actually almost 100% accurate. A person
laughs when they are happy or they
enjoy a feeling. If you can incite that
feeling in a person repeatedly and
regularly, there is no way they won’t
want to be around you all the time. A
good couple shares a sense of humor and
a couple of inside jokes.
Embrace PDA
I have no idea why people are so
ashamed to admit they like PDA. Maybe
it has something to do with how
condescending our society tends to be
about sex in general. Still, holding hands
while taking a walk or exchanging quick
pecks is sufficient PDA that won’t attract
too many glares. A personal favorite is
slipping my hand into his back pocket
and giving his butt a little squeeze.

Discuss Your Future Together
Whichever way you choose to do it –
with notepads and calendars or by deep
conversations – a happy couple plans
everything together. You are a team and
should work as such. Cultivate the habit
of making decisions together. No
decision is too big or too small to make
together. It may seem trivial, but you’ll
be glad you did it in the long run.
Small gestures are enough to keep you
both happy for a long time. You don’t
have to be filthy rich or live in a
different time zone for you to live your
own happily ever after. Who knows?
Someone might see a picture of you and
your boo one day and tag it
‘GOALS!!!’ as well.