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The gods are dead
Episode three

Asake, we all as well know how this must pain you, whoever thinks this doesn’t Worth tears, let him beat his grandmother to death. It is a natural coincidence that Iya agba had to die like that but believe me, we are all ready to take good care of you, so please be strong. Okay?

Ever since the birth of Asake, Iya agba had only been the one by her side,
She looked at her extended family, all with a pitiful face and hissed, she thought about Iya agba, but tried and hold the tears but when she finally remembered Akanji, she bursted to wails again!!!


Adigun and the other surviving men continued their journey after they had lost three of their members to an unseen predator. They had buried this three men covering them with leafs and so they paid them a last respect.

The elders say “The man of the house who is not careful will end up losing his belongings to the thiefs”
This forest has now proved to us how terrifying it is, we must be very vigilant. Said Adigun their leader.

Akanji will never let go of Asake’s in his thought and that was what he nurtured till they reach a small town.
At first, they thought they were in paradise as every maiden in the town appears as beautiful as the egg’s white, these men looked around and watched as much as they could.
When night came, they decided to find a place to pass the night and they later found abode in the house of one soldier.


Today is our contest day, said the soldier. All young men will wrestle one another and whoever wins will be blessed by the king and also given the princess as a wife.
The soldier implored these young men to join and after much persuasion, they agreed.

The other men went for the contest while Akanji who was totally down sat at home thinking and crying.
What is it Akanji?, Agbeke ( the soldier’s daughter asked as she sat beside him.)
Nothing much, i was only remembering home, Akanji answered.

Agbeke raised her hands to wipe Akanji’s tears as she said some sweet words of comfort.
It was then that Akanji actually saw her more vividly, Agbeke was very beautiful with white teeth glamouring her mouth, her always smiling face will never bound a man to hate her and before Akanji knew it, he was already locking hands with her and not only that, the thought of Asake began to fall on a sandy path.


Adigun, their leader came first in his own round of the contest and so he has to combat with the champion of the other round so as to finally select the overall winner.
The night before the final day of the contest between Adigun and his counterpart, Adigun was out with his other men trying to check on the stars, Akanji was also there as they were all happy thinking of the luxury they would live in after winning the contest.

Suddenly, they heard a gunshot and they all stood in fear but Adigun could not stand with them as he was already lying in pool of blood.


Who would dare kill Adigun?, why would anyone want to kill him?, is it because of the contest or because he is a stranger that came to become threat on the strong men of the village?.
These questions were asked rhetorically as the other men mourned their leader’s demise…

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Written by Micheal Ace