That night… by Micheal Ace

That night

I know many ears will clung,
to the sharp claws of my voice.
Everyone yearn for the glance
of what happened that night.

I will only speak of the replicas
the earth has hiden your real art.
I thought you would make it alive,
But things went wrong that night.

I waited sitting against the time
You were coming, my hope hyped.
But the road was in miles of thirst,
as it sucked your blood that night.

I wished i have never had an eye
when i saw your flesh torn in tears.
The driver called and fled aftermath
But i made cursed his soul that night.

I have told myself a different story
For i was the man behind the wheel.
I was scared and hastily turned back
when i accidentally hit you that night

I have been preyed upon by torments,
as i could not murder my conscience.
The world will never forgive my acts
If i reveal what happened that night

Please grace me to hide this truths,
till i have courage to let them loose.
Let us still believe it was just a man,
who fled after his deeds that night.

Life weaved me to kill my own love
It’s obvious i never loved you enough,
For i’m still scared of being hanged.
If law knows what happened that night.

Micheal Ace


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