LIFE OF A MAN 1 by Micheal Ace

Life of a man 1

I tried to keep this wisdom to my skul
But it kept dripping deep down in guts

Mummy warned that i was just a boy
It hurts all around that i can’t say it all.

Someone said we are just like koel birds
They would never build their own nests

Their lifes thus begin with mean murder
as competition makes us hurt one another

She stroke my bones and called me fool
It hurts to my marrow, i’m human too.

But will life ever get to cream my elbows?
and make me reign like those of rainbows.

We live in a world of constant contrasts,
This is the life of a man in our own corners.

Please throw no more sands in my diet,
As human, it hurts to always stay quiet.

I will come and teach you the difference
Between life of a man and the animal’s.

But always remember to be mindful
Because i have blood, i’m human too.

Micheal Ace


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