Exclusive Interview with AMORE DAVID OLAMIDE in complement to SECRET OF MAGICAL POETRY 1

Hello Poets and writers,
As a complement of the “Secret of Magical Poetry, Chapter 1” at http://www.literaryplanet.net, this is an interview section with…

Amore David Olamide by Micheal Ace

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Micheal Ace:
Welcome to this hot poetic seat sage, please tell my amiable audience about you in brief.

To begin with, I don’t know where to pick my words from. I mean my words of genial privilege. Whether from the lake or ocean; i don’t know where they sojourn. I can stunt around in gratitude to enthuse my audience or do the stunning stuns to put them in awe. For they are vivid parcel of this journey. Amore David Olamide is my name. I call my self a learning poet that see logical scenes in epical and traditional dynamism of poetry.

Micheal Ace:
Welcome sage

My pleasure sir.

Micheal Ace:
On the recently released ” Secrets of magical poetry” chapter 1, i want to believe you have read it, have you?

Yeah. I deeply put my sight across. I’ve attained so much from the two legends. Kudos to them.

Micheal Ace:
Thanks bard, now please what do you understamd by poetry, in your own poetical view

Poetry? To me poetry is an endless scenes of imageries.
That back along logical thoughts contrived, graded and shaped in lines that gives meaning to the content.

Micheal Ace:
I love this,
But when did this all started, i mean the flames of poetry

Well, last year indeed. I derived my inspiration from this ” Abami Eda” Aremu Adebisi Adams. He brought my feet to this field.

Micheal Ace:
It will be funny to tell you, Aremu Adebisi Adams brought me to poetry too, i was just an article and fictions writer before.

Please tell us something about this man

Description for this beast?
This are my diminutive words for him. I call it “diminutive” because behind him there are things left unsaid.
He’s a man who brings erudite to the numskulled, acquaintances to the simple-minded and candid circumspects to the intellects. A man of men, a youth for youths and a young lad that brings valor to ageing men. A man who brings belonging of hearts and happiness for the gladness that’s expected.
That’s all for now. He’s beyond words.

Micheal Ace:
You just called him a beast?,
Just don’t mention my name if you find yourself locked up in his deep poetic pits.

Now if you ever find yourself advising someone who has just conceived the muse of poetry. what guides will you give him based on your experience

Oh! Seeing myself in diplomatic sense is comedic to me. I’m not at that pedestal to give erudite to people. Since you’ve insist; let me just say you should be presumptuous, innovative and consistent. Those are the magics in brief description.

Micheal Ace
Thank you David
can you with an appreciative mind, bless…
the literaryplanet team
ACEworld bleeding pen and
Our audience?

To the gods and the living mortals. Michael Ace is a sage that feeds starving appetite with logical yams. He had brought soccer to the field and the field for soccer scenario in propelling sense. For contriving this platform, I doff my hat overtimes.

For literary planet, they are just the generous web that feed the hungry spiders.

Micheal Ace
Thanks sweetheart
Please for those that are yet to read the ” Secret of magical poetry” chapter 1
what can you say about the article?

Oh! This article is the panegyrics of pivotal. I mean in poetry realm. Everyone who put sacrifice underneath an Iroko tree; will get the ancestral benedictions. Anyone who read the secret of poetry will have vast of testimonies for people under poetry sphere.

I’m leaving this podium since the flying time has limitations. I have traded words, I have castle diplomacy upon the aceworld terrain. I hope my laid marks continue to breath under the impression of lauds and applauds. I put my hands high and wave my adieu vacating signals like our political leaders on campaign motions. David Amore my names are. As-salamu Alaykum!

Micheal Ace
Well, AMORE DAVID OLAMIDE has spoken, don’t miss the article ” Secret of Magical Poetry” chaper 1
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