Baba Oyirimuhammed by Ezeokoye vanessa onyinye

Baba Oyirimuhaammed
Why have thou defecated on a yet fertile land
So hard that your faeces cannot be extirpated
Does it not stink and sting to you?

You have denied to pay obeisance to your soul,
Trialling after little hearts
Despite your cattle ranch
Your decayed faeces would still trail behind you after death.

The infant is petite
And you chewed her apple
Breaking in between her hips
And planting a repudiated seed
While you tell tale tints upon her lips.

The news of your shattered life spread all over the world
And your abduction is a felony to the world
And your decayed faeces trails behind you
Free ESE is the principal theme
Till ESE is cleansed from your shit.

Ezeokoye vanessa onyinye is a 300level student of english and literary studies, Anambra state university, igbariam campus.. A young writer and poet who believes so much in literature by making so many out of a little.


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