Complete profile of Brigitte Poirson by Micheal Ace

father taught French and ancient Latin and
Greek for forty-five years. Small wonder I
followed in his footsteps with modern
languages… I live in a small place in eastern
France where I taught German, French and
English to ‘baccalauréat’ students. I was also a
lecturer in various colleges and universities in
England. This gave me the opportunity to
travel from Russia to the USA, as well as South

Having published seven books of
poetry has offered me the chance to be
included in numerous anthologies and
magazines and receive numerous awards
(among which an inclusion in “Who’s Who in
the World”). But I have been turned down by
publishers more often than you imagine,
especially with my novels. Publishers
generally consider you must write ‘to please
your audience’. I believe you write because
you have something to say. What has kept me
going is the support of great names in
literature. I think the poetic creation today is
largely underrated and underrepresented. For
pretty much the same reasons.

The world
mostly runs after best-selling material. Now I
am lucky enough to absorb the beauties of
African poetry daily on the social networks.
What a privilege! The young Nigerian authors
in particular deserve full recognition of their
vibrant and compelling talents. Promoting
them through editing and sponsoring them –
and more – is indeed a humbling honour.

CREDIT: Micheal Ace of ACEworld.