Themanthology: Evil Night by max Idris Aloma

Evil Night (Night 2)

The night is here again so this loath
of despair to shut my eyes.
But I sleep in the woken thoughts of life
I sleep while my mind wakes to trip
They say,
when day sleeps so should man
save for the voyager
and him to explore his evil self
Yes my mind is!
Restless being
For it sleeps not in the night
but travels back in time
through the dark face of the sky
whistling past faring breath
singing dirges with mourning trees
Nights remind me of the touch
when life was a smooth scale
and love was love…
and the lopped roses of my girdles
when I walked on four,
two knees and my hands.
Night tells me of the day
when faith swindled my head
and slid a blade through my heart
my blood stream for years
and I take a bath every night
This night I’ve known for long
what flame is to skin.


One thought on “Themanthology: Evil Night by max Idris Aloma

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