Themanthology: Night wrote to me by Max Idris Aloma

Night wrote to me (Night4)

I am night
The evil in your mind
I am the cloud that rain your eyes
with my light of darkness
when you puke your swallowed past
into the scene of your brain
In your mind I’m birthed to die
with the resurrection of the day
but I live again and behear calls
of Man in their cozy sheaths
to be lured into dews of slumber
while I sunder sleep from your eyes
I bless souls yours I curse
with the silence that plagues your soul
I clothe lewd mates in the state of bliss
but force your head under strained sheet
I am your enemy my friend
the devil you made from your thirst
to mat world beneath your feet,
I am now the petal of the seed of sleep
that you sacrificed,
to mould your dreamed fortune.
you aimed life’s conquest in blood and death
and made your eyes to adorn nights
now that your war is won,
your mind does not sleep
but lives on the anguish
of shed blood on the battlefield
So see me not as your foe
but as the fruit of your selfish craft.
for nights do not kill
but bring to life dead souls
canopied by the pavilion of darkness
when sun lights the day.


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