Themanthology: The night i bed by Max Idris Aloma

The Night I Bed (Night 3)

The earth has worn again its black suit
and the day has slept in the naked space
I see breath carrying on its head
stillness leaves from sleeping trees.
It’s another night, my grave.
Bring forth your sword oh night
come for my heart,
angel of sorrow
I fear not your death again,
for I have died a thousand times
kill me again!
fight not with cricket voice
draw your blade
my memories await me.
fair with my mind silent night!
take me back in time!
I trailed the cricket’s songs
from my sleepless sleep
to the terrace standing at the door
the sky flashed its torch at my face
Tonight’s night is a day
it’s a moon, lights crystal clear!
tiny moons compete for brightness,
stars dancing in throngs.
I plucked one with my eyes
its rays spread over the cloud
like a wildfire in a land-wind time
this night is a friend, an enemy.
its darkness brights a light
that I may lie in the night, my day
will this moon visit too tomorrow,
and gift my mind this slumber
that I may lie again in the night
with my mind beside me?