ADNUM: the new poetic device by Adegoke Adeola


Looking at the literary devices in general, there
are thousands. As sharp
as you can be, you can’t have it all on your
memory. This is why there are
various variables that helps in their storage.
Most of these literary
devices has been in existence since the 16th
century, just few were added
in recent years. Where is the modern day
morale? Where are the modern day
literary enthusiast? If not hundreds, thousands,
new literary devices
should be derived in tens if it’s to be a hundred
years. This will surely
encourage literary appreciation and constructive
criticism. The only pain
in the heart is the objection of new literary
devices by the literary
enthusiasts out there. As a literature student,
teacher, lover, there are
some hidden garments that literature do posses
which we should all bring to
light. Literature is said to be life itself. It
encompasses a very wide
range which many believed can’t be touched.
This is partially true and at
the same time wrong. If we dig deep and
deeper, the mythical unachieved can
be achieved. I sat down and a new literary
device just crept in to my mind.
The systematic way of adding things ‘numerical’,
in representation of a
particular idea can be a very beautiful line when
reading a literary work.
I worked and researched during day and the
night looking into some things
or let me say literary devices that has the same
idea as the one that just
rallied my mind. After many years of research, I
was able to gather some
things that are nearly the same as my current
thought but they are really
different on many notes. With this, I decided to
bring up a new literary
device which will be beneficial and critically
constructive. This is the
format below =>

Numerical representation of a specific idea in a
literary work.

  • Let’s remember the two times six feet of the
    silent then
    ” Two times three feet ” – This is a numerical
    representation of the grave.
    The measurement of the grave is mostly six
    feets and this line preaches the
    rememberance of the inevitable


  • People might die early but, science promised
    three scores plus ten.
    “Three scores plus ten”- This is a numerical
    representation of the total
    number of years which scientist predicted that
    human will live on
    earth(70years). This line preaches “HOPE”.
  • We besiege God to protect all the thirty two
    seats in the parliament as
    he protects the thirty two seats in Joy’s mouth.
    “Thirty two seats” here
    means the human tooth. This signify that Joy’s
    tooth is wonderfully
    protected by God and also wants the protection
    of the parliament’s seats.
    NB : This device can be used in an opposing
    meaning to the main idea i.e It
    can be used to mock the main idea e.g =>
    “Two times three feet of the silent then is a
    dog’s meal” – As used in this
    context, the grave is being mocked.


Any contrary opinion or constructive criticism is

15 : 15 pm.

Adegoke Adeola (Pseudonym – PoeticOla) is an
blogger,songwriter and stage word activist who
hails from Iseyin local
government area of Oyo state. He has featured
in local and international
anthologies and won various creative writing
contest. He was the runner up
in the just concluded Onkowe poetry challenge
and bagged CWAN pengician of
the year award for 2015.



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